Winter Wonderland

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Re: Winter Wonderland

Path nodded politely to Lunar and the foal, a smirking smile curving her muzzle as Shamrock sauntered up. Snorting an amused welcome, she turned towards him and nipped at a bit of tinsel near his ear.

"What trouble have ye found now?"

"My, but you are green, Mister!"

Path had to bite her cheek to keep from laughing at her son's outburst, her tail flicking over to swat him smartly on his flank. She didn't look at him, sure that her eyes would betray the amusement bubbling just under the surface.

Gods she adored her son.

"That's no way to greet someone."

"From what Star Shine says it won't bother Uncle Sham one bit!"

"And how do ye know this to be him?"

"Who else would go trotting around in decorations?"

That earned him another swat, but Path had to duck her head and scoop up a mouthful of snow to keep from cracking up. She had to teach him some decorum, at least, though it was hard when she found him so very endearing.

When she thought she'd regained control she looked at Shamrock again, only for a low chuckle to slip out. Her bonded had done such strange things for the cold season as well - decorating the trees outside with ornaments on strings, tinsel, candles, ropes of sparkling things or food, even a large, glittering bow. Each night there was a bonfire and small, glimmering lights could be seen during the day, hinting at still more flames.

She also seemed to be hoarding food and counting the turns of the suns and moons while she searched for a particular tree or log to help greet the frost in their lands. Sparkle would know more about helping her to find this wood she sought, but Path was keeping the search in mind as it seemed important to her bonded. Something called "You'll", she thought, particularly a "Bird" log and some things that would make it smell nice. It made no sense, but as the strangeling spent long nights playing with the colors of flames it seemed to be important.

She would have to remember to ask Sham about it later.

"Honestly now," she nickered to Shamrock, thinking of the many glittering decorations back home, "Half of these are naught but tangled knots by now, a true mess. Here, let me help..."

Sulking slightly, Darroch eyed the sparkling tinsel before shaking himself off and turning back to the other three, leaving Path to fiddle with their friend's tinsel.

"I think it's awesome that a grown up would play in the snow, by the way," he nickered, beaming up at Galaxy and giving Lunar a questioning look, as if to ask if she would do the same. "Maybe you, Satomi and I can do something together, if you aren't too busy. Mother once mentioned something called a snow-bonded... Whatever that is." Grinning, he looked back to Satomi and tilted an ear in a typical gesture of curiosity, giving him the most bemused looking appearance while he pondered his new company. "Would you know what that is? I certainly don't, that's for sure. Hey, we could have a snow fight!"

With that, he gave a mighty buck and sat on his rump, sending up a massive cloud of snow flurries - directly into the face of his mother, who was attempting to tighten a few strands of tinsel and sneaking in a few tickles while she was at it.

All this if Shamrock was willing to let her, of course. The question was, how much could she get away with?

Not much with a face full of snow, that was certain.

Shaking off, she looked around for the culprit only to spot her son tearing around behind Galaxy while laughing his little head off. Not too far from him she saw another figure running, the stallion with the cloth on his face.

He did not appear in the least to be happy.

"Sir Stallion," Path whinnied, wondering in the back of her mind if Shamrock had been unlucky enough to catch any residual rump-snow, "What ails thee?"

Curious, she tossed a playful glare after her son, swinging her head around to offer Shamrock a companionable nudge before heading after the stranger. He was running as if to pass by their group at a bit of an odd angle, a fact that, when coupled with the cloth on his face, got her ears all kinds of perked.

"Shamrock," she nickered, easily maneuvering her way through the little group, "Would ye be so kind as to keep an ear on yon Darroch? He seems to have taken quite readily to thee, Galaxy, so it wouldn't be surprising if ye should wind up chasing after him in some game or another, yet an extra ear would still be appreciated, if ye don't mind, Sham."

Darroch spun to a stop at about the time Path paused for an answer from the stallions, offering a kind smile to the little filly she had stopped next to. "It doth seem," she snorted, lowering her head conspiritually as her son sent a wall of snow whirling in front of him and stuck out his tongue to catch a bit, "That a few options lay before thee and thy friend."
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Re: Winter Wonderland

The lime stallion nodded to the members of the group respectfully, bobbing his head low for a moment. With a snicker he joked to Path, "I am trouble. Didn't you know?" He was about to introduce himself, but Path and the youngling beat him to the greetings. He snorted and nudged Path with his muzzle, but as the little one addressed him he stopped what he was doing.

Turning full attention on the foal, he lowered his head and pricked his ears to hear what he had to say. He laughed, quite amused at the first foal he'd ever met and enjoying the exchange between foal and mother. With a nod he answered, "Aye. And I could say much the same of you, boyo! Nice to meet you Darroch."

Shamrock watched with amusement as the kid turned away, and attempted - unsuccessfully - to avoid the flying snow. He protested like a foal himself as Path picked at his tinsel, straightening and tweaking, and he squirmed away as she tickled. No fair! Mothers always knew the most ticklish spots!

He had to sigh with relief as she was distracted by one of the other stallions, but as he watched her pause to look back and whisper to the foals he had the distinct feeling he was being set up... He winked at Path and nodded, letting her know he'd be around and that he was ready for a challenge. "Aye lady. That I will."

Bring it on! he thought to himself jauntily. A good romp in the snow sounded like good fun! He kept his distance from the other stallion, somehow sensing the other's desire for space. Waiting for others to make a move, he contented himself to scooping up a bit of snow for a quick taste and eyeing the foals with curiosity.
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Re: Winter Wonderland

OOC| Sorry I did not post yesterday.>< I had to study for a math test and also back cookies, so there was no time. School stuff is all over now, so this should not happen again.

BIC| Skid snorted unamused as he slowed from a gallop to a halt, before him lay a big patch of young pine trees. All the little trees were covered from point to end of branches in sparkling white snow. He sighed, as he lowered his head to see exactly where the hoof prints lead. Sighing, Skid started to slowly walk enter the trees, his sister made a good move, slow trees + tall stallion + snow covered branches equaled a snow bath for the stallion. It was this of take the long route, depending where that lead, he may just give up giving the Silver Trixie a dose of her own medicine.

Phantom's icefire eyes darted from one serian too the next, as his ears swiveled one direction to the next, only catching segments or words from all different conversations and from way too may different voices for his liking. Even though he mad the immanence sense to vanish back into the forest, he stayed still on an emotion that him rooted to the spot. It was worry and concern for his sister who had just had a good fright.

With his sense on full alert and aware of too where he and Silverflash where positioned, compared to the gathering in the meadow, he looked away. His gaze fell onto his sister still stilling at his side with her head down. He was worried, she hadn't said anything yet, nor had he. What to say? It's not like he knew how to comfort her, he was only just accepting and getting used to his Kyra's affection and love for him.

Unsure what to do he lowered his head and nudged his sister in the neck. A few words flickered through his mind, but this action and emotion where beyond his norm, so he said nothing. only thing betraying his calmness were his eyes, full of uneasiness and worry.

Silverflash kept taking deep breaths, ok, this was not so bad. It didn't look like many caught her near collision with the oak behind Phantom. She now was happy for the trees, the obscured others view, well she was crossing her heart that it did. Maybe, she could still safe what little self esteem she had, with acting cool if asked what happened.

Who was she kidding. She looked up to see a blue starred stallion do about the same thing she did, except crash into a snow pile. She felt her embarrassment slide away, well it looked like she wasn't the only one who had gotten surprised by hidden ice patches.

She now gazed around the meadow and felt a little better seeing the golden mare and lime green stallion. Those where the only ones she recognized. As her pastel moved around the group in her line of sight, she smiled at seeing the two adorable foals. After watching the snow being thrown at Path, she had not doubt that the little colt was hers.

Silverflash was enjoying just watching the group, but was brought back to reality with an unexpected, affection nudge. She flickered her head to the side and saw Phantom looking at her with such calmness of his body, that she would have thought was not possible given she knew he must be longing to vanish in his element. Though as she gazed at his, the worry in his icefire eyes, and the uneasiness to hidden their showed. "I am alright Phantom. Thanks." She looked away unable to say the next thing and now go all read with embarrassment. "I would have been pancake silver on the oak right now if you hadn't saved me..." A thought occurred to her then, she was flying over that ice and had crashed into her new brother. Turning she looked up at him, "Are you ok?"

Phantom felt himself relax a fraction at hearing the silver mare was ok. He nodded in response to her question and then gazed over at her to wear a not amused snort admitted from the pine trees.

Silverflash got to her feet in a hurry, she was not about to let Skid see her on the ground and only tease her, which I guess she deserved for her wake up call she gave him, but she wasn't about to admit that. She could not held but burst out into giggles as Skid emerged from the pines.

Skid tossed his head and snorted still unamused as he finally got out of the stupid pines. As he walked into the oak forest area, he heard the unmistakable giggles from Silverflash. He glared playfully at the mare, "Laugh all you want little princess, I will get you back when the time is right," he said in a playing tone with with a grin on his face.

Now out of the trees he could see more and hear voice of others, which the constant falling snow and bending branches had hidden before. He would let this little game slide for now, he spotted the elegant Path, and Shamrock, two whom he new from this group. He also knew from looking at the colt just who his mom was.

He walked out of the oak area careful not to hit any ice patches he saw coming out of the forest of never ending snow. One out in the meadow he stopped and watched the group. He would introduce himself after Path, helped the stallion who seemed to be quit distressed about something, but he had just arrived and no clue to what it was.
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Re: Winter Wonderland

Satomi seemed really eager to be included in something, though shy when she realized she had no idea how to participate. The other foal had a lot of energy though, and she closed her eyes and smiled brightly in response. "I don't know that... a snow fight, will it hurt?" She'd never actually participated in a snow-bonded, snow-fight, or snow-anything other than walking and occasionally prancing in it. She wondered if Galaxy was cold, or if it didn't bother him because he was so big.

She looked up with wide eyes and stared for a moment before realizing it was rude, flicking her gaze to Darroch, and then looking down at the snow with mild curiosity. Darroch's bemused expression made her giggle and she shyly took a step forward.

LunarPrism was a little hesitant as well, in the same position as the foal without knowing it. There was a lot she hadn't done, she hadn't exactly grown up in the most happy, social surrounding after she'd left on her own. Before that time, she couldn't remember if there had been many snow fights. Would it be safe for Satomi? She heard Vision come barreling down the hill and flattened her ears in worry. When she saw the large group assemble, she politely dipped her head and stepped back. "If Satomi would like to play, it's fine by me. I think I'll just watch now that her parents are here." And with that, she turned and took a stroll towards the woods, looking for a sheltered place to sit and watch from.

As Vision stormed off, Frostbite couldn't help but smile warmly. Stallions. Always so over-protective. But then he didn't know Lunar like she did, and this was his baby girl after all. Smiling with pride despite his unease, she followed at a more controlled pace until she reached the group, nuzzling Satomi and covering her in long silver mane for a moment. She didn't know that anyone was planning a game of some kind, but most certainly would have consented to Satomi having a little fun and meeting new people.
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Re: Winter Wonderland

(OOC: Sorry I was such a pain, and took so long to get back to this! Exams had me completely tied down. >.< My apologies again!)

BIC: Galaxy watched the approaching fellow with unveiled curiosity. My, what a Serian! He thought in admiration. Idly, he wondered what it would be like to walk about covered in various decor from Talia’s cottage, but he dismissed it quickly with a snort of amusement. Something told him that wearing wall coverings would look very odd indeed, and would not be conducive to galloping across the countryside. He chortled aloud at Darroch’s exclamation over the stallion’s colour, although it did made perfect sense. This Sham fellow was very green! Galaxy had always been one to admire bold and honest statements, even from foals. Quietly, he watched the playful banter between “Sham” and Path, smiling slightly despite his eagerness to run and be away from such a large gathering of Serians. Within a matter of seconds, his attention was stolen by Darroch yet again. With a playful wink, he lipped at the foal’s mane and laughed.

"I’m not busy," he said with a grin, “What did you have in mind, young Darroch?” He smiled encouragingly at little Satomi as she blinked up at him, and realized with a start that he found the company of the young Serians invigorating. He was brought back into awareness by the young foal tearing around his flank. He spun suddenly, his mane flying, and ran after the foal, revelling in the thrill of the chase, and the wind on his face. He bucked up a cloud of snow at Darroch, and tossed a wet mouthful of snow at little Satomi. Unfortunately, since the little filly was so tiny and the snowball thrown so haphazardly, it missed its mark by quite a bit and struck Lunar in the withers. He paused abruptly in his chase and grinned sheepishly at the mare.

“My apologies miss Lunar,” he said abashedly. He took a brief second to shoot a goofy grin in the general direction of Sham before exuberantly charging Darroch again.

As a larger group of Serians started to assemble, Galaxy paused. In all his fun, he had not taken notice of Vision, barrelling down the hillside, nor of the general location of Satomi, whom he was technically “uncle” to. He suddenly felt a tad overwhelmed and he back-stepped quickly as he scanned the Serians for little Satomi. For that matter, where was Lunar? Feeling slightly ashamed, he looked for her as well. After all, he had only hit her with a snowball and then took off… not very gentleman-like. Not to mention the fact that he had completely lost track of that Sham fellow, and Path… He had gravitated towards the childlike simplicity exuded by the foals and fillies. Children were so free. And he had completely lost track of his surroundings!

He was starting to wish that he was back at the cottage again, or roaming the valley with the usually reserved Vision. Things were too… complicated, and hectic right now!


As Vision charged down the hillside he started to feel a bit silly himself. It was obvious that Frost trusted Lunar with Satomi. Therefore he should trust Lunar with Satomi shouldn’t he? None the less, he wanted to be with his daughter, and obsessing over her safety at this stage in her life was of paramount importance. He fretted the entire gallop across the open plain, wondering if he’d be able to find her alright (as he was not entirely accustomed to hearing her voice yet) and whether or not she had been hurt as a result of that whinny that he had heard earlier… or whether the other foals and fillies were being nice to her…

He slowed as he neared the group of Serians and felt quite ridiculous indeed. He could hear people talking about him, and he knew he had probably put up too much of a fuss. He tried to shrug off his embarrassment as he trotted over to his daughter. He could hear her voice not too far away, and he followed it to its source, more than slightly relieved to find her entirely in one piece and shyly inquiring over various things. Vision stood so close to the little filly that her body was pressed right up against his forelegs. He snuffled at her mane affectionately.

“Are you ok?” he asked, albeit gruffly. He continued to nuzzle her, poking and prodding her as a parent would with a young child that had fallen off a swing and received a scrape in return. He started a bit as he felt Frost’s presence, and the sweeping tickle of her mane on his legs as it draped over Satomi’s petite form. He raised his head as he heard Lunar begin to politely dismiss herself. He called out to her, feeling exceedingly rotten. She must feel terrible… like he didn’t trust her. And she was Frost’s adoptive daughter! He thought of little Ovela back home and realized with a stab that he would be mighty upset himself if Frost did not trust his own adoptive daughter, considering he had practically raised her as well.

“Lunar, my apologies,” he said, with all sincerity. “I overreacted. She’s still young yet, and this is new to me…” he added, haltingly.

What a dolt he’d been!
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Re: Winter Wonderland

Now that the one with the strange cloth on his face had arrived and was well, Path turned to check up on her son. He and Galaxy had trotted out away from the others quite a ways, though she was relieved to see Shamrock helping to keep an eye on them - was it just her or did he seem on the verge of jumping in as well?

Shaking her head, she offered a polite nod to these other serians that joined them, silently excusing herself as she went towards her son. She could still see others in the distance and while she had no objection to Darroch having many others to play with, she was not an exceedingly social creature herself.

Stepping outside the group slightly, she returned to pushing the snow around with her nose and searching for bits of grass underneath, trying to keep up her energy so her son would have plenty of milk. She kept one ear tilted towards Darroch and an eye in his general direction, though she stood closest to Sham.

"It hath been quite long since I've been a part of a group of this size. Are you enjoying such a venture?"

Darroch was having a blast playing with this Galaxy fellow, though that ended the moment he became fully aware of the others. Snorting, he foal trotted up to the large stallion and spoke quite bluntly, as he said all things.

"Why do you get all tense when you look at the others? What do they have to do with you, right now? You were playing in the snow; what's it matter if these others are around. It doesn't, until they try to get involved in what's going on with you now."

Snorting, Darroch flashed the stallion his brightest, friendliest grin before trotting closer to the shy Satomi. Maybe she would be less strange and complicated than these adults. And he still wanted to play and perhaps figure out what a 'snow bonded' was.

"Do you still want to play," he asked with a curious tilt of his ears. She had been involved in their play, but she had also seemed rather shy and sweet. "I bet you could really be good at snow fights, by using your wings. That is," he added, glancing at the stallion that was now standing over her and the mare that was rather close to him in turn, "if that's alright with your guardians. They can play too if they want; I'm sure Uncle Sham will want to play, so they won't be alone."

Path had to grin at him. She had learned about herself, since he came into her life, and she felt she was better for that. Things could only bother her if she let them; if they intruded upon her present moment. Still, she would have had the forethought not to be quite so blunt with mister Galaxy..

"Just barely met, and already he loves thee, Sham." Lifting her head, she snorted amusedly at Shamrock and looked at the serians in the distance, checking on the bewildered looking Galaxy. She would have to wait and watch, to see how things played out and what social pleasantries would be required of her.

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