Blazing Storms

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Re: Blazing Storms

Flint shook his head slightly at Talon's outburst, the turmoil starting again in his chest - not because of Talon, exactly, but because of what he saw.

Hybrid paused in the middle of trying to draw the image in the earth as Flint snorted and found his own stick, knowing to leave well enough alone after the spat between the others. After a moment's hesitation, the green stallion walked towards his silvery bond-mate - and just looked at him.

Flint pretended to ignore this for all of several minutes before, finally, lifting his head from the drawing and gazing back at his friend. Neither of them were very interested in talking, most of the time - Flint himself preferred action to words or even thought, if he was to be honest. So he took action - after a long silence he stepped forward and swung his neck over Hybrid's smooth, scaled one, the two of them embracing tightly.

Touching noses, they turned away from each other and finished up their images, everyone stepping back as Hybrid called time. They couldn't spend too long trying to redraw it, after all, as there was more to be seen.

Hybrid studied his efforts for a moment, fairly satisfied. It was far from artistic, but the general message could be seen.

He scrambled for ideas as Hybrid stepped up to the shore once again, ready to make the next picture for their game. His thoughts kept getting pulled back towards Talon and Oak, distracting him - part of him desperately wanted to try and talk to the feathered creature, to share a little of what had been discovered and help lead and guide him, but he certainly knew better than to try. It seemed that it wasn't something the other was ready for yet.

The only reason, quite literally, that he had accepted his shared quiet moments with his bonded was because of relentless hounding on her part. She hadn't actually stood there and nagged at him, but worn him down mentally, constantly. She knew - he had no idea how, but she knew - that if left to his own devices he would just as soon refuse to think it all over and allow things to happen as they would, for better or for worse. And she refused to watch him allow himself hurt in such a way.

He was getting tired of it all, to be frank, as she had only continued since then. He wanted a rest and was beginning to try to actively block the wear on his mind, where she made him suck it up and deal with it properly. But each time, every single one, he caught himself and admitted that, if he felt a need to block her out for it it just meant that she was right and he didn't want to admit it.


He had no wish to go through this anger that raged, just as he had had no desire to figure out why he would allow a new bonded only to push them away. But she had kept at him, refusing to allow the misery - and only him, as it was only his own stubborn self that was allowing it. The night it clicked was when she had told him the truth as baldly as was possible. She came to him. She approached him, she wanted him, she loved him. He could be as obstinate as he wanted, but it would never work. She wouldn't ever leave him alone. She was his bonded, forever, and that was that, rather he dealt with it or not.

She wanted a good connection and relationship with him, and she wasn't going to give up just because he wasn't going to offer it.

But there was no telling Talon this. There was no getting around continuing to grow and be loved, either. Nor was there any hiding from figuring out the things that fed this rage in his chest. He would have to, eventually.

Well... If he couldn't help Talon, then Flint would help himself.

"Alright, Hybrid, here's one for you. Do something about dancing. About... About how everyone was all dancing together and just... Being a family, before we came in and they stopped. Do that."

Hybrid tilted his head curiously before doing just that - an image of many serians, of varying size and shape, flitting around a bonfire party with an ever-shimmer-shifting strangeling weaving her way throughout. Flint twitched an ear and grinned, tossing his mane.

"Mmmh. Remember that night? We were outsiders, then. It almost seemed as if we could stay that way or just blend into the group - another face and nothing else. Someone else with a close bond to the creature."

"Ah, that's right. It did feel that way... Until she started talking. She'd said something about each of us making peace with our situations, instead of balking."

Flint nodded and rolled his shoulders, glancing at the previous drawings the others had done with obvious respect. His own efforts were chicken scratches, compared, as he had hardly any details at all. Grabbing his stick, he got to work on the new one, murmuring around the twig as if absently "You'll have to forgive our dullness - we haven't many memories, any more, and not much to go off of as far as what to draw."
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Re: Blazing Storms

Both Oak and Talon watched at the other brothers embraced. It was not something they did, but it was comforting to see for some reason. Oak thought it might be because even with Hybrid's rough exterior, he could calm down and take comfort from an embrace. Talon, too, thought it made Flint seem much less scary and more approachable.

Oak considered his bond brother. He knew how deeply the bond affected Talon, how much it hurt him when severed and how much he hoped for this new bond to hold true. It was simply fear of diving in and allowing himself to accept it fully that kept him back. Broken once, shame on them. Broken twice, shame on me. These words floated back to him, uttered long ago by another abandoned Serian he'd known. It was a pity, this abandonment, that was for sure. He was sure this Vine would win him over, he just didn't know how long it would take. A small grin lit his face as he realized he'd picked up on Shamrock's nickname for their bonded.

Talon was perfectly aware that Oak was mulling over his bond situation, but as usual he aimed for avoiding the topic. It just made him want to run away when he felt cornered so much. Others pressuring him to accept the bond. A realization broke through his own reverie. "Wait, so how did we do on these ones? Before we go to the next one I mean." They'd both gotten more details in than Hybrid and Flint, but then they'd had more time as they others hugged.

Too late. Hybrid was already flashing the next image, and both Serians stopped what they were doing to soak up as many details as possible and start scribbling away on the ground. As Talon scribbled he felt the weight of the green stallion's word increasing. Balking. It was exactly what he was doing. She was doing everything right, this new bonded of his. Piquing his curiosity, letting him do the approaching. But he balked as his insecurities held him back...

Oak mumbled around his own stick in reply. "Now this doesn't strike me as dull at all. Seems to me the new memories you've got will be fresh. And with a bonded like yours... well, they can't be dull from what I've heard." He got back to busy scratching with his stick, resisting the urge to chuckle.
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