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Re: An Average Day {Story}

"Anyway," the large fluffy red-coated critter said as they swung back towards safer lands for her "You know where to start going to get to prime hunting grounds. You saw yourself that it's crawling predators here, mostly because the prey is so thick. Once you get to the heart of things it's quite easy to become lost in the crowd - the chances of being picked off are fairly small like that."

The panther simply stretched, a little torn between being glad she would want to show him this place, with the trouble he'd had hunting lately, and wanting to smack her for being so ridiculous as to try to enter dangerous territories. She had no sense of direction at all, he knew, as it was the predators who kept track of their lands and were mostly territorial, with few others being so occupied. A couple males who were prey, perhaps, but most everyone simply traveled where the plants grew well.

Still, they had other friends. Not as close to them, but still friends. One of the other predators could have shown him.

At least they were headed back now.

"So tell me more about that thing you do," he purrled, attempting to distract himself from being angry with her. She was known for these sort of idiotic things far too often, something they had talked about more than once.

"Oh it's unique to my species," the flufflebutts chirrped, swishing her tail to swat away a couple bugs. The same answer he always got. If they didn't go back as far as being cubs he would wonder how they were friends to begin with.

"Do you even fully understand what it is you do?"


"Is there some sort of secret fluffy-critter code saying you can't share what that is?"


"Am I green toad with purple spots and a pink elephant's trunk?!"


And then he laughed. Ach, they were old friends, alright. Both were impossible.

"I don't know about you, but after all that running around I'm quite hungry."

"We should head back to the clan before too much longer."

"Not without a good haul, though. You know what the den-mother would say if we came back without helping to provide for everyone again."

That made him twitch a bit. She was a little intimidating, at times, at least to him. Younger than either of them, the den-mother was still held highest of all, along with the father-of-lands and clan-sister and her mate.

"Alright," the panther snuffed, scanning the surrounding brush for something delicious to snack on, "But first we eat ourselves."

He caught himself glancing at her as she took the advice and started snipping at passing plants, tasting various things in a search for what she wanted to eat. The memories were strong in him at the moment, reminding him of a similar sight when she was just a wee cub. They had found her, his clan, abandoned and alone and adopted her, though she wasn't of their kind. Her species had no name, not given by his kind or by their own deigning. They were simply prey to many, though his species left them be as they had a magical taint that separated them from their usual meals.

A good friend made to be near-family. One that was all too often finding trouble in some way or another.

"Ah," he purred, perking his ears as he was brought out of his own mind. "Stay here, I smell a meal nearby."

The flufflebutt just shrugged and wandered over to snip at some berries in a bush, though he caught the frown on her face. It had nothing to do with her being unable to see another become food, but everything to do with her accidentally giving him away and costing him effort.

She knew that, but she still didn't like it. Some times she wondered how life would have been different, had her parents not been lost to her.

As the panther slipped of through the grasses she found herself wondering the same yet again. She had been pondering the concept quite frequently lately. Perhaps it was time to act on it, to find another of her own species.

She wanted her panther friend to go with her, though, and she was more or less sure that he would oppose her leaving, much less his going with her. But he was her oldest and dearest friend. If they were the same species the may have even become mates. She didn't want to do this without him.