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Re: The After Party

OOC| Miss you as well! No apologies, miss. We talked about that! I'll give you one mean headache if you dun quit it!! *gets marshmallow pillow* Fifty bajillion whacks should handle it. xD (If you wouldn't whup me into next month I'd be tempted to give you an honest nip >,>) Oh, also starting a new thread for Avvie and Frolic - I think Rainer's done with the one with the kids already ( :( ) and she'll need this kind of encounter to help deal with the sudden whiplash emotions that that brought up. Poor thing.

BIC| Darroch snorted and grinned as she splashed him back, flicking his ear in amusement. This was great fun.

"Yup, that's what I'm told," he repeated, stepping out of the stream and ripping up a mouthful of sweet grass. "I haven't met the stallion. I don't know about it not being so hard to do things later on, either. I don't think of that, of later. Momma mentions it now and again, but.."

He shrugged and shook the water off his coat, glancing up as the cloud disappeared and warmed him. If he got too cool too fast, he'd regret it. He knew that.

"And of course you're special," he added, tilting his head again as he considered her and tilting his ears out to the side. "Who else goes charging in when the ground's tumbling all around? Or drinks the green beer and gets away with it? I didn't, I know that. I wasn't there that long, still exploring."

His head tilted the other way as she mentioned climbing and flying and asked about the puzzles and riddles. She intrigued him, and as was typical of him he didn't think beyond that - what effect may come in the future, the things that were in the past. So he just kept going.

"Yup, I know a few good puzzles and riddles. My bonded likes them quite a lot and actually uses them to teach, I think. She's like my other parent. I can't really say other mother because only Momma is my mother, but still."

He used to call her his other mother, mommy number two was how he put it, but he didn't think of that, much less mention it. That was a while ago - what was past. He'd grown since then.

"Where have you climbed? Have you wandered alone a lot? Do you want to sneak off now? They all seem busy and it would sure be funny to see the way they'd look when the natural tornado and bold webbed wonder are just up and gone. And what riddles do you know? Did your dad teach them to you? How come he has to be your dad - don't you normally have to go with one parent or another? Mother says that Sign's foal went with the father."

He was curious - that's all he was thinking of. He wasn't trying to make her feel awkward or upset, he just didn't consider that it might. He never considered what might happen, what had happened, any of that. He never even looked back on what had happened to figure that out about himself. He just lived.

Speaking of living, he reached forward as if to nudge her shoulder, at the wing joint, and turned to cross the stream and slip into the tall grass on the other side. He wanted to explore more. "I can't fly either, not well. I have managed to figure something out, though. Watch this!"

And with that he spread his wings and flapped, not up and down but in a sort of circular motion, manipulating the air. Working the current he created he managed to lift himself into the air and glide across the water, disappearing in the foliage as he landed on the other side. The way his wings were made them too small for a direct flapping motion, but he could still work with them. The air and wind was also a part of nature, so he'd come to understand that as well to some extent, including the underlying charges that Hybrid was so fond of playing with.

Hybrid wasn't trying to play with that charge at the moment. It just happened, a reaction that slipped over him, sparks flicking from his knees and a quiet crack of lighting over his talons. He was still ignoring Frolic, at least as far as looking at her went, but he continued his game. Her reaction amused and intrigued him.

He side-stepped, moving closer to her, a coy grin curving his lips as a thought flicked over his mind - Oh, I'd be happy to give you some experience. It sounded so very cocky, something he wouldn't say aloud in mixed company, but the half joking notion amused him privately. He was a proud stallion, yes, but far from arrogant.

"It would have been nice to meet a rogue," he conceded with a nod towards Gem, glancing up as Avalanche wandered off and sparing a look to Coal to see how comfortable he was with the topic. He was a handsome fellow, there was absolutely no doubting that, but beyond that he didn't know the fellow very well. Or any of them, for that matter. But that was whole point of meeting others, was it not?

"I must admit," he said with a nod toward Coal, "That for me my elemental abilities come with a price." A flick of his tail and a glance towards his own hide was all the elaboration the would give. His ribs were visible through his scales, not from lack of nutrition - that could be seen in his strong, healthy legs - but because his frame was so thin and frail on its own accord.

"A rogue wouldn't have that complication, though. Magic and might, both are areas of expertise. You don't have to get used to something that's a factor since your birth, but you do notice the differences."

A toss of his head and a flick of his ear preluded him turning his attentions towards Rein. Coal and Gem seemed to have a good rapport going and he didn't really want to interrupt that too much.

"What talents do you work with?"

He sidled closer to Fancy, sparks dancing around his right hoof as he did. He felt good today - his mental state was playful, if a little crass, as he regarded this mare out of the corner of his eye. She gave no indication of missing his affections, which intrigued him all the more. What was going on in her head?

"We learn," he said in response to her note on controlling them well. "Just as you learn to swim better over time, or.. Fly."

A smirk, a playful flick of his tail. He kept her just outside his circle of attentions, even if he wasn't completely ignoring her.

"I'm not sure if it can really be taught, like those others, however," he noted, glancing again towards Rein. "I know some things hold true regardless, either way. It's just a part of you, something you can keep blocked off and reach towards when it's needed, or something you can allow to intermingle freely with the rest of your mind. Many think that keeping it sectioned away gives greater control."

He didn't speak his mind on the matter, as his own opinion was apparent. He didn't want to cut that off in a corner of his mind, semi-aware of that part of him until it was called upon.

"I guess in that way we do worry about it," he said to Fancy, giving her a sly glance from the corner of his eye. "In that it's something we have to keep note of. But then, you have to be careful just with walking, as well; have to make sure that you don't step in anything overly problematic. Landing in an old snake bed and twisting your leg would not be a good idea."

Part of his mind wondered why he wasn't just courting her openly. He had to acknowledge that he had an interest. The other part of him was enjoying this give and take between the two of them far too much to worry about it. Open courting wasn't his style, any way. He wanted to play with her, explore her, tease her. Possibly tackle her to the ground and lick her cheek...
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Re: The After Party

OOC| So sorry for the long wait!! <3 you guys!!

Coal looked after Avalanche's retreating form, very nearly jealous. He'd never been much good at the whole socializing bit. The grey stallion's eyes flickered again to Rein as he moved away from Gem. He wondered silently at what it was that caught his interest; generally he wasn't the sort of stallion to blindly take to anyone. He was so often aloof, so quiet that the others had taken to teasing him about being the "strong, silent" type. Now he found himself in the midst of a gathering of serians for the second time in a fairly short span of time, and he was utterly lost. He'd thought he was doing well dealing but perhaps he shouldn't be so sure. Looking at things now, he hardly recognized himself. Had he really lost himself so much?

Fancy gave up on the foal-watching for the moment, noticing with surprise that Coal was much less attentive to his lady-friend. She snickered to herself at this mental description; he was her chum, so she had to make fun of him when she got the chance. Rein's bells caught her attention and broke her reverie then, and she watched him a bit. It certainly was an odd little group they'd formed. She grinned shyly at Gem. "We weren't there long before it ended. It's a shame though; I would have enjoyed meeting your bond-mates." Look at me, miss social butterfly...

Then Hybrid stepped closer. He grinned at her with that cocky, arrogant grin. She stared at him for about a second before her eyes narrowed and she stepped further away. She'd thought maybe he was different than the usual self-important, willful and proud stallions but perhaps she was wrong.

Coal's eyebrows raised at this, but he accepted Fancy's moving closer to him without comment. If there was a problem she'd have to speak up. He was rather lost in his own thoughts... mainly curious about these elementals and rogues.. in an "uncomfortable with what you don't know" sort of curiosity. He knew his father had been an elemental, but that was about the extent of his knowledge. Ears perked as Hybrid shared more information. It was stuff pretty much everyone knew, but it felt different somehow, coming from an elemental himself.

Fancy moved even closer to Coal as Hybrid came even closer. She kept her movements from being very fearful; she was not afraid of him. The arrogance in the movements, in his looks and his bearing... they irked her to no end. Made her want to nip him sharply on the flank, which probably was not such a god idea... Though from her emotions, she'd hardly be surprised if her eyes sparked as well. "I'm sure some serians have to be careful walking, yes." Her irritation made her spiteful, and Coal broke his gaze upon Gem to look at her questioningly. The scowl on her face didn't even break for him, though, and her tail twitched in quick, sharp movements. He sure had some nerve!

"Soooo... Nice weather we've been having, eh?" Coal was pretty proud... he even said it without a chuckle. Discussing the weather, geez! What was next?!
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Re: The After Party

OOC| NO sorries! Yeesh! Ish fine, we unnerstand, though we're glad you're considerin us too. ^^

Do forgive the quick insta-reply. My brain Really needs this distraction right now... :/ I can skip a turn after this, if ya'd want? :)

BIC| Hybrid smirked again as she moved away and twitched her tail in agitation. The grin didn't reach his eyes, though, leaving them cold as steel as he gave a little ground and shifted his weight away from her.

There was something she obviously disapproved of. His first thought was that he'd want to play with her in such a way, tease her and get to know what was under that hide he enjoyed looking at. Spark, quite obviously, which he found amusing and attractive. If she'd really snapped at him it would have made him laugh, as he always enjoyed seeing that flair.

But this wasn't a playful thing, a part of the game. He felt his heart sinking a bit as he turned his head and openly regarded her once again. He wanted to tease her more, provoke some sort of real reaction from her, draw her out beyond the twitch of a tail and the shine of a wing. But he hesitated.

Was it that she liked the attention, but the thought of any give and take between the likes of him repelled her? He was.. Well, Hybrid was always perfectly aware of his appearance. He wasn't the most striking or attractive of males, by most ideals. There were times where he even forgot that he had ears, in all honesty. He was a proud stallion and while he reveled in his heightened elemental abilities, he also knew that greater power in magic made him all the weaker physically. It wasn't enough to be green, scaled, and taloned, of course not. He had to have the lean scarecrow frame and a spine that looked as if it could be snapped by a bad fall.

He wasn't ashamed of it, by any means, as it was just the other side of having such extreme magical abilities. But he did find himself disappointed, and occasionally his pride wounded. Especially when playful cockiness was met with such... Disdain.

But he'd just met this mare, had he not? Why would her disapproval strike him in such a way. She was just another stuck up snob, then.

Only he had hoped it would be different.

He wanted to tease her still, to draw her out, yet found himself wondering if there wasn't malicious intent threaded in with the playful desire, this time. Did he just want to jab at her, mess with her? Shatter the pretty-girl image?

Sparks sizzled down his neck and he shook his head slightly, angry and wounded. Well as he always heard others saying, it would do no good to just guess and dance around things. Once the game turned sour, it was time to stop playing. For the moment.

"Some would be better to show caution while walking than others, this is true," he noted with a pointed look at her, any trace of a grin gone. "It's always a shame to see a beautiful flower wilt, or lovely face twisted in pain."

And he stepped away from her, turning his back to her, glancing in the direction he'd last seen the foals. The playful teasing was gone in his countenance once again - he seemed solemn, if still proud, his head high as he scanned for the young ones. There'd been nothing but sincerity in his voice as he spoke to her, though he hadn't been able to keep a twinge of hurt out of his tone, either. Some had best be careful, she'd noted... Some with weak frames, awkward legs, he was sure. Some who were like him.

Even then, under the stung pride, he still wanted to draw her out, to see what else she had. He would have been glad to start the game of teasing up once again after gathering his thoughts, yet he still didn't trust himself. He didn't want this to be a game of spice and malice, where he would try to anger her just to see her reaction. If anything he worried about his ability to keep from striking back; it may have not even been intentional, for all he knew. He'd been so focused on her, on playing with her, pulling her, out that he wasn't really aware of his own self at the time.

He frowned and a thunderous roar sounded, striking a near by tree and splitting it in half. He didn't jump at all, though he did look at the result curiously, looking vaguely surprised. The tree had been scorched in such a way as to instantly ruin the wood that had been hit, turning it to cinders that would never catch aflame. Somehow, the surprise bolt of lightning helped clarify things for him in one way, at the least. He'd become too relaxed, reacting and playing as naturally and confidently as he would at home, with his bondfamily. This social business, it really wasn't anything he had practice in or a real desire to learn.

Hybrid had let his guard down and gotten struck. The question was, what to do about it now - how to continue? He still wanted to play, this mare had a spark and fire of self-righteousness that intrigued him greatly... But he would have to be far more cautious.

Snorting, he shook himself off and looked once again to where he had last seen the foals, trying to see if Darroch was blending into the grass as he had a habit of doing oh-so-often. Sparks sizzled down his tail and he gave a small sigh, half expecting the little one to come running up and demanding to know what had happened. There was only ever a real strike like that when Hybrid felt the pressure building in his mind, the frustration mounting. It was a form of release that happened without any thought at all, one that often gave enough of a release for some little something to click together for him. Something had to have happened.

And if it hadn't, then something would soon, as those who weren't used to being around the male always had interesting reactions.

Maybe it was time to back away and watch.

"The weather's been quite remarkable, actually. It feels almost more like summer's ending, with the gentle breezes and warm days, than winter's end. It hasn't been nearly so cold, or the winds so harsh. Perhaps the land is finally healing properly."

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