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Re: Moonlight Travels (open rp)

She grinned, glad to see the other's joy. Stretching, Songhue turned and motioned with her head towards an area where the trees grew denser. The shadows caught the dancing flames within her fur as she moved.

"Back a ways towards the East. They were... Hmm." She paused, her mind slipping into neutral as she searched for the term. Without really thinking about it she found herself simply bending the light, creating a seemingly tangible illusion of the odd creatures in question. The image walked up to a tree, stood on its massive back paws and proceeded to jump in the air, the long fox-like snout closing around a low branch. Or it appeared to, as the tree didn't even twitch as the illusion landed heavily and gave a contented flat-toothed grin before flickering out.

"Just walking and nibbling. There is a word... Foraging. They like the thicker trees, sometimes they manage to land on a lower branch and grab the sweet stuff nearer to the trunk."

Shrugging, she gave her head a slight tilt and offered her own lop-sided grin to her new friend, her tail twitching back and forth in anticipation. She was getting a bit hungry herself!

"I'll show you where I last saw them, but help me keep an eye on the branches," she said, and with that and a low, rather pleased howl she dug in her claws and bounced forward to begin the hunt.