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Mod Notices

This will be where my updates and future plans go, mostly related to adoptions but also including small to-do lists and notes to self.

!!!Adoption Notice!!!
Next adoptions will be April 1st
Next abandoneds will be May ???

These people have custom tickets for future Serians or Redraws:
Kyra- 1 Custom jewellery/accessory: small
Sethelu- 1 Custom physical trait: large
Songhue- 1 Custom physical trait: large
Storm's Fury- 1 Custom jewellery/accessory: large

Custom Item tickets:
Custom jewellery/accessory: small (think earrings, bracelets, necklaces, feathers/flowers woven into mane, an apple by the feet, etc)
Custom jewelry/accessory: large (think Veil's veil, Scry's sheer fabric, Avalir's wing decorations, etc)
Custom physical trait: small (horns, cat eyes, dog ears, fox tail, body spikes, etc)
Custom physical trait: large (wings of any kind, aquatic Serian, animal features set- fox ears AND tail/cat eyes ears and tail/dog ears and tail, kirin Serian, etc)

Unknown RP