Storms Over Winter

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Posting Elemental
Posting Elemental

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Re: Storms Over Winter

Hybrid couldn't help his reflexes, though he knew spinning around - yet again - would do no good. Oh, but she was good.

But where was she? Everything still had the flat look that came from casting out shadows, a lack of dimension that was simultaneously disconcerting and reassuring. And yet... And yet, not every shadow was gone. In his typical goofy fashion he wound up sticking his head down under his front legs, seeking something he'd overlooked; and saw his own shadow, small and directly underneath him.

Ohhh, he purred, a gravelly growl of sound, Oh, that is good. I mean good. Grinning like a fool he gave his head a slight tilt and said with all the joy of getting a new toy I've no trick for this one; you win. Fyre, I could kiss you!

Actually, he could. If she poked her head up right now he would probably try it. She was amazing and fun and apparently able to handle his unique method of teasing play. And gorgeous, which absolutely didn't hurt things.

He'd found himself a new playmate!

The question was, now that they'd had their fun, how much did he want to keep her?

That'd be determined by her, he supposed; she was fun, but for the moment that was literally all he had to go off of.

He was having to be careful though; it was already tempting to fall for her. But he wouldn't let himself, he couldn't take that risk again. He wouldn't look for more than she presented.

No matter how much she made him feel as if the lightning he controlled had taken seed in his very heart.
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Re: Storms Over Winter

Fyre peeked her head out and grinned at Hybrid while he looked between his legs. It wasn't easy, but she had won, and he was really fun to play with. It helped that he was nice to look at, too. Fyre climbed out of his shadow as carefully as she could so as not to trip him up or bump into anything impolite. Once she was out, Fyre decided Hybrid had earned a prize for his cleverness. He had very nearly won, and would have if she hadn't made a last-ditch effort. Walking up to him, Fyre planted a kiss on Hybrid's cheek. It'd be interesting to see where he took things from there.
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.
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Posting Elemental

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Re: Storms Over Winter

He grinned again, a more mild expression - a quiet smile that settled contentment deep into his bones. As far as consolation prizes went, a kiss on the cheek was pretty good.

Internally he was beginning to freak out. He wanted to kiss her back - a full on snog, in fact. He was also playing with the concept of having her meet his Circlemates; what better way to get to know him than through his best friends? He was crushing on her, that was getting obvious, but it was beginning to scare him. He couldn't not find her incredible; but they'd only just met, played a game of chase. It wasn't safe to be that interested that fast. Besides that it was altogether cliché. What was he thinking?

Still... He wanted to kiss her.

So he did.

And the rest was settled for him. No sooner did he come up for air than he saw Breeze leering at him.

About time, Soldier. You've needed a bit of adventure.

As much adventure as you? Hybrid smirked, and laughed as Breeze tried to slap him upside the head with his wing.

Where'd yer manners wander off to, boi? he said, earning another lopsided grin from his friend. It'd grown to the point where, as often as not, Breeze's accents were used to poke fun at himself - in this case, indicating he was an old grandstallion.

Horsefeathers, this is MoonFyreLily, Fyre for short. Fyre, this is Breeze, known as Horsefeathers back home; he's a Circlemate.

Breeze kept his grin, but he looked at her critically, raking his gaze over her. Hybrid took a protective step closer without thinking about it, a move that instantly warmed up his companion's expression.

Actually, we've met; I just wanted to hear you say her name, he grinned. He did love ribbing his best friend; but he got as good as he gave, half the time. And now he knew that Hybrid already spoke her name with affection. Believe it or not, I didn't show up just to crash the goo-goo eyes. The spring storms are coming. We'll be working once you're back home. In fact, you could show Fyre here the basics; it's her first time through the storms.

You share our realm? Hybrid asked, perking his ears with interest. I should introduce you to your neighbors, some time.


They both looked up, Breeze grinning and trotting over to plant a big ol' kiss on his mate. Turning back to the others he said Fyre, my mate, Nova. Glimmer, the lady MoonFyreLily.

About time, she grinned, and stepped closer to give Hybrid a nudge. It has been far too long since last I saw the spark of joy within your eye, Soldier. Love is good to you.

What did you need, beloved?

It has been a while since I left the familiarity of my home, she grinned, It seemed favorable to join you on an outing whilst we alert our wandering bondmates.

It can be a nasty shock to come home to the storms if you lose track, Hybrid explained, grinning gently to Fyre. They can be rather intense if you return in the midst of them, and the work that follows can be hard.

Hey guys!


What brings you here?

Sarge has taken a wander for the first time in far too long, he grinned, his open face beaming jovially, I thought I'd take a walk about before the storms came, see who I might meet.

Fyre, Hybrid chortled, shaking his head at the irony of the moment, Meet my Circlemates.

Minus my mate. Flint went for a walk with Sign, Shiro grinned.

Though at this rate they might show up as well, Breeze added, and earned himself a whicker of amusement.

It is a most charming pleasure to meet you, madam Fyre, Shiro said, offering her a gallant bow, It's quite wonderful to see a glow in the Soldier's gaze once more. It seems you've cheered him as none other has managed!

Shiro Suisei, or Shiro for shorthand -

Or Sushi! I heard the bonded say it once; it's a fun word. No idea what it means, Breeze beamed

Or Sushi, Nova conceded with a grin, Is known as the Lover. His mate is Flint, and I am fairly certain you shall encounter him at some point.

Fyre shares our realm, Breeze told Shiro, One of the neighbor-bonded.

How wonderful! Shiro cried, beaming at her in apparent glee, I must introduce you to my mate, Flint. The Sarge will be glad to know who's responsible for joy returning to our Soldier.

Easy there, Hybrid cautioned, shaking his head with a snort of amusement, I'm glad you're here, but tone it down a bit. We've just met.

Ah, love at first sight! Shiro trilled, prancing in place and making Breeze laugh; even Nova had amusement playing around her eyes at his antics, Another tale such as Path's! And Thyme, so I hear, he confided, eyes gleaming, I passed the StormWalker on the way here and was told that our Dryad has summoned him. It seems he's been on a visit for some time already, not too far from his own home. Only his summons came from his woods.

He went visiting?

Indeed he has. And his forest looked different, when I passed by his lands, Nova reflected, Greener, somehow.

He's happy. Best you and Horsefeathers be careful, lady Glimmer, for with all this love your own filly may soon fall under the sway of a crush.

Oh that would be all we need, she snorted, rolling her eyes in long-suffering amusement. A more lively creature I have yet to meet. So bold as to be brash!

But far from foolish, Breeze added, catching her eye with a small smile, She knows how to handle herself.

Nova returned his smile, albeit reluctantly; it was an argument that had only recently been settled. Fearful for her filly, she'd attempted to promote caution; AuraSidra had refused to be held back. There wasn't a single wary bone in her body, not at that age, and while Breeze had managed to embrace it Nova had worried over the heartbreak that might be found.

The world was harsh and dangerous and often it was difficult to find those that could truly accept one as they were; it was a lesson in reservation she'd tried to pass on. It had not gone well.

Hybrid grinned himself as they traded their look, a gentle expression. He loved them, his Circlemates; it was a look of quiet fondness.

However much the Dryad may have fallen, for now I say; Fyre, my Circle and my best friends - Horsefeathers, Glimmer, and the Lover. Everyone, meet my new friend, MoonFyreLily.
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Re: Storms Over Winter

Fyre was very much hoping that Hybrid would kiss her, and oh! It was gooood. She was half-tempted to melt into the shadows to hide the blush on her face. Fyre introduced herself to Hybrid's circle. It felt good to finally be acquainted with everyone. It was also cute to hear Hybrid referred to as Soldier. She might have to borrow that nickname.
It did lead to some interesting thoughts. Hybrid had fantastic musculature, and she had only seen them in play. She was used to taking care of herself, but just for a moment, MoonFyreLilly contemplated the idea of having someone else take care of her. Hybrid seemed more than capable. She also contemplated (very briefly, mind you) being able to help take care of him. Fyre figured he could use someone to take care of him for once. She, of course, couldn't let him know she had been thinking like this just yet. They had just met, for crying out loud. She needed to relax before she got ahead of herself. There was no harm in thinking he was cute, though (Because he was cute).
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.
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Posting Elemental

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Re: Storms Over Winter

Did someone call a Circlemeet?

Ha! Called it!


What happened with the Siren?

No Circlemeet Sarge, just rather astounding coincidence.

I heard something and had her wait while I checked it out, Flint told Nova, barely flicking an ear in her direction. We don't need her getting more scars.

Shiro grinned at that, a soft expression that revealed an appreciation for his mate's protective nature. His eyes took in everything about the stallion; the predator soft steps, the gentle watchfulness of his gaze, the quiet thrum of soft-spoken words. If not for the spikes he would seem a mild stallion, now. Love was good for him, too.

This is Fyre he said with a happy whicker as Flint stepped forward and tucked him under his neck, she's a friend of the Soldier.

Flint looked her up and down, raking his gaze over her as if that alone could scratch off her skin and reveal her soul. He hadn't even looked at Shiro when he tucked the smaller stallion closer; it was something he'd done without thought, a quiet claiming of that stallion. The others were used to it by now; the pair couldn't be together without something to reaffirm that Shiro belonged to him. Mine.

Flint he said shortly, although his expression remained piercing. He recognized Hybrid's stance; Flint wasn't the only one proclaiming someone to be under his protection. If you hurt him, he thought, I will kill you.

But he thought that unlikely. Watching her, he saw a mare that was pleased to be meeting Circlemate and, more importantly, one who was confident enough to engage them on her own while making a point to allow Hybrid to stand so protectively close.

He liked her. Not a pushover, but nobody that would outright challenge others. He had bondmates who were so uptight about demanding respect that they would put forth a challenge over some of the most inconsequential things. The message was clear; don't mess with them. He had nothing against them, he just couldn't spend too much time around them or the tension became uncomfortable; Flint was not the type to back down from a challenge save for those he wholly respected. And even for them he wouldn't act reverent.

Of course he had nothing against the gentler types either; he was mated to one, after all.

Call me Sarge, he said, softening his expression enough to almost be a grin, it's an old nickname going back to mine and Hybrid's history.

I think y'all have more history than I do with him, Breeze admitted.

You have history? Shiro asked, and Hybrid gave a quiet sigh and rolled his eyes. Oh, here we go.

Even I know the tale, Nova said with a hint of surprise, Has your mate not told you?


Good grief; was that stallion ever not perky?

We were abandoned together, from the same bonded. I don't speak of it too often.

And rebonded together. All they had was each other; the tough Elemental, a stoic warrior that trusted his friend's judgement.

And a fiery stallion that became harsh as he forced us both to survive.

Before the right mate taught me how to live again.

And the jaded Soldier took to testing his skills with a horsefeather stallion that was too busy running to be still.

Until the right mare snubbed you as foolish.

And a rivalry grew into respect.

And a lost little colt needed a father, Shiro chimed in, smiling gently; this part he knew. And the Soldier took up the challenge of guiding another Elemental through the lonely nights. It touched things all the dangers of all the realms never did; tested the strength of his character.

He's grown now, Hybrid said quietly, a bitter-sweet smile touching his lips, Doesn't need the protection of a Soldier.

And thus is the tale, Nova said, speaking softly with a kind smile, Determined to survive, testing his abilities, ensuring he was always at his best; and finding a purpose through guiding a colt, becoming Poppa before being the Guardian.

You always were reliable, Flint grinned, and with a smirk added Scrawny, but reliable.

Only thing on these bones is muscle, Sarge.

And well do I remember that, he chuckled.

It's a lovely history, though a little sad, Shiro reflected, Lots of heartache. Like when you thought you'd found the one to build a future with.

Well he hadn't, but he might soon, Breeze said, leering at Fyre teasingly. Or maybe already has, hm?

Bite me, Horsefeathers, Hybrid smirked, If her talent at playing Chase is any indication you'll have to do better than that to spook this one.

Good. So let's play!


Ever the lively one, my love.

I should be getting back to the Siren in a moment, but I do look forward to speaking with you again, Madam Fyre.

See you soon, beloved. Tell her hi for me?

Of course, hon. I better go though; Sign will be worried.

So who's up for that game?
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Re: Storms Over Winter

Fyre was enjoying meeting everyone, and it was quite lovely hearing about Hybrid's past and how he and Sarge came together. While she could understand the protective nature, and knew it was just out of love, Fyre didn't fail to look back and meet his gaze. She had spent so much time on her own protecting herself, that she was no soft little thing; The Fyre was in her name for a reason, and it showed behind her eyes, if only for a split second. She was relieved when he grinned and became friendlier, though she had to admit. For a split second, she wasn't sure if she'd have to use her abilities with shadows for a more serious reason.
"It's so wonderful to meet you all, you're a very lovely group. Running into Hybrid was kind of a fluke, but I'm glad it happened," she said with a smile. "As for the future, we'll just have to see what it holds for us," she said with a grin in Breeze's direction.
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.
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