Just Curious... :)

What I'm currently working on, and what has just been finished. Suggestions welcome!

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Post Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:05 am

Re: Just Curious... :)

Hahaha Vineda that would be awesome!! Seeing a bunch of Serians hidden in various parks, only certain ones showing up depending on the weather... I'd love that!

And now that people are back, it might not be a bad idea to look into some of those abandoned Serians again, ya? Especially if they will get some attention finally... I know I have my eye on a few favorites! 8D

I agree though, these new Serians are so exciting, they deserve the spotlight for now... for now... ;)
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Re: Just Curious... :)

Heehee. I’m just too excited. Trying not to get too exuberant, starting to think I’m as bad as Shamrock with the tinsel at Christmastime.

Gotta tell myself woah there, easy!


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Re: Just Curious... :)

I'm always pro-babies <3 Even the idea of redraws appeals to me. I feel bad for the abandoned Serians though too. Decisions decisions. ;)

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