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While watching his hooves very carefully, Illuminate listened intently to what Coral was saying however his imagination pictured a different scene. Thoughts of chasing her merrily through the fields played across his mind. He could see her radiant coat glimmering as she raced across the grass, hooves thundering. Looking back not with fear, nor with anger but with glee, as though she was enjoying every moment of their game. He imagined himself gliding easily and fluidly behind her, giving chase only because he could.

He watched as she ran, only for him, for the sole reason to be caught by him. Then as she faulted, her pace slowing, his heart slammed against his chest in fear for her wellbeing he sped up to come to her aid. However being the strong mare she was she would quickly regain her momentum however he imagined she would be tiring. Knowing he could not bear to see her hurt he would sweep past her stirring up the dust while gracefully landing before her. He imagined her shock at his sudden appearance which would cause her to stop quite suddenly, sending her to the ground.

He imagined that he would boldly walk over to her and gently he would help her to rise back up to her hooves. He imagined himself to then... nuzzle her along her cheek, down her neck to her shoulder where he would rest his chin and breathe in the deep scent of her...

Then he mentally shook himself, realising that she suddenly asked him a question. He felt as though she was reading his mind. How could she know that he wanted to fly? Then he smiled, perhaps belatedly at her humour swimming in the delightfull sound of her voice. Not even realising that he could take offence to such a comment. However the slight dipping of her head brought his full attention back on her.

'Oh no. I could never take offence to whatever you said. I mean I am very used to my brother. At times he may make me feel... embarrassed but nothing more. Besides, one such as yourself could never be mean.'

Suddenly, without thinking he bent over to nuzzle her, to comfort her, to show her that it was alright. Her cheek was warm, inviting and so soft he was ashamed he might be scratching her with his roughened snout. However he quickly realised that nuzzling her was wrong and so he took a step back. Attempting to hide his feelings was getting more and more difficult. Perhaps this walk wasn't such a good idea. He should not have nuzzled her. Worried about... everything Illuminate stopped and began to turn away.

'I... I'm sorry. It'll never happen again. I'll leave now.'
One bright night in the middle of the day, two dead men got up to play. Back to back they faced each other, drew thier swords and shot each other.