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Bubble opened his eyes and looked at Faith seeing that she decided to take a nap and he smiled. He looked around at the dragons who seem to play so hard they got themselves tired out, and were all sleeping around together. He just stayed up and watched over them he wasn't planning on taking a nap at all he just wanted to rest his eyes which he did. So he just watched over the whole group smiling.
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Faith awoke from a very deep sleep and
found herself still under the apple tree.
Faith slowly got up trying not to awake
bubble so she quietly jumped and flew
into the air.She felt so free now that the
little dragons had been tooken away
some were adopted and some were out
for adoption but they werent sad that
they had been separated from faith and
bubble but happy that they were older
and bigger not so tiny any more."Ahhh
free at last but may new hathlings come
to live with us."Faith did not wander to
far for she did not want to worry bubble
if he awoke.

(sorry it took me so long to reply but I had been busy with things i had to do and finish :) )

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