Post Sat Aug 13, 2005 11:36 pm

Beyond my voice [Self RP 2]

Another little Frostbite and Chaos one, this continues on from the other in another post or two, but some people won't know that hehe.

Her head was spinning and she was sick of the darkness, something she thought she'd never say. Roses... she smelled roses. Dark silk, roses, and candles... almost like her room. Then she realized, he was speaking to her. "Chaos?..." Her voice sounded groggy and raspy even to her, but his sounded like...

"Frostbite, I'm glad you came around... Seems we're trapped in another little world of our own for a while. Inferno's gone. Where? I have no clue. But still, there are spirits after you, with no face or name. You have to learn to control them, that's all it would take." Worried eyes met her own which were drowning with the dark fire that his usually held. Oh lord help him, he knew that look... what had he said before? He didn't remember now.

"I want to hear that voice again... the one that made me see the room... bring it back for a while..." She breathed, but her head still ached so bad, and it just occured to her that she had no clue what happened. Torn between the words which tried to escape from her throat without her consent, and actually forming a sentence to ask what had happened, she was relieved when he interrupted her.

"You saw it too? I just remember you looking up at me in the dark, and candles, the light catching in your mane and the sweet scent of vanilla and roses..." He spoke, the deep alto of his voice taking on a seductive tone which brought back the vision of the room to both of them.

Smiling faintly, she remembered. 'My heart belongs to another....' 'Vision.' The words ran through her head just as Chaos kissed her and she found herself frozen inside, the heat rising to her skin and seeping into the large scarred warrior. Speaking of which, his wounds had somehow healed into pink flesh without her noticing and in such a short time...

He broke away and blinked, something was missing. A laugh hit his mind like a soft pillow and the voice melted into tempting honey on his skin. He pulled away from the sticky warmth of being near Frostbite and knew somehow it wasn't her warmth that he felt. 'Web... where are you? I need you here, I'm so sorry...'

"Chaos, I... the name I chose to answer Inferno... it..." She was so torn between what to say.

"Vision I know. I was just thinking about Web too. Is that the reason we always end up like this?" He was so confused, so hurt, so lost. For once he felt like he was the one who needed to be rescued. And he hated it.

"I don't know, I don't know Chaos!" She stood and began pacing, tears bitting at her eyes, one's she'd not allow to flow past. It almost seemed like there was another presence in the room, but she shook it off. Mind games. Always mind games.

A presence at his side made Chaos lean in to Frostbite, but... there was something odd about the way she leaned against him in that moment somehow. Something unlike her...