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Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:38 pm
by Kyra
Amber bobbed her head up and down and whinnied out in laughter. When she stopped, she was looking to where her mate went through snow bank. Her sky blue forelock fell over her right eye and she had a satisfied smile on her face, saying "got you good". She nickered a chuckle at complaining that her plan was not fair.

Amber turned to watch the mares arrive and laughed when the mare flopped down burying her mate more. She turned back to her mate, "3 girls verse 1 boy, not smart my dear. We girls got you good. Nice move Sign," she said in a teasing voice. Then turned to Sign at her introducing Sparkle to Traveler and snorted out a laugh at having interesting introductions. "Thanks Sign, your quit fat your self."

Traveler slowed to a slow jog then a halt to watch Sign get her bond family member. She thought he had enough but she saw one more opening. She tossed her head and with a focus look in her eye she picked up a fast trot. Once over where he was attempting to climb out of slow, she did a time turn and whipped her tail around to knock 2 feet of snow his way off the top of the bank. "Nice meeting you."

Amber watched her new bond sister and snorted out a laugh as she added another few feet of snow to her mate. She walked over and moved of the new layer of snow and laid her muzzle on Sparkle's face. "This should warm you up, my dear"

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:03 pm
by Songhue
"Not smart, but fun!" Sparkle chortled, happily tilting his head to lean into the gentle pressure of his mate's muzzle resting on him. "If you can't handle having the scales against you, then you never have a right to be on the other side of the tilt."

He grinned, nodding slightly towards Traveler, a mild acknowledgement of his last blanket-covering of the white snow powder. "And it is a pleasure to meet you as well," he whickered.

Before he could do more than open his mouth again Sparkle heard the soft flump of hooves in snow, making him twitch an ear before swinging his neck around to see Tribe wandering up.

"Gypsy!" Sign called, leaping over Sparkle and Amber and prancing a circle around the pale mare with purple markings. "What brings you wandering our way? I had thought you couldn't come."

"Ah, sweet Siren, just try to keep me away when you need me," Tribe whickered, and gave her mane a quick toss, the bangles in her tail tinkling low as the small ring in her forelock caught and gleamed in the blinding white light. "Come on now, let's see what fun I've missed already!"

Sparkle had gained his feet again by then, a surprised and somewhat concerned look crossing his face for an instant. This hadn't been a part of the plan; his goal for the day had simply been to ease Sign's aches and fears.

A moment later, however, the expression cleared. If there was anyone who could help to put the blue mare at ease it was her fellow sea-dweller. They were so vastly different, and yet few had ever been so close.

"Hail, O Wandering Gypsy! Come on, there's new friends to be had and fresh snow to explore. And ah, Amber, this is our bond-mate, Tribe. For a while we had thought she might hunt down Crest and even join our circle... Sadly, it was not meant to be. I am glad she finally gets to meet you, however. And this is Amber's companion-"

"Traveler," Sign provided, nudging Tribe's shoulder before trotting over to stand closer to Traveler. She didn't want the poor dear to feel left out.

"Most pleased to meet ya both, sugars, I'm quite sure. I never did find Crest, bless his heart, but all the same I can enjoy finally putting a face to the wonder-mare Sparkle moons over so frequently, sug, and that is quite nice."

She smiled as she spoke, but it was a hollow expression; it didn't reach her eyes. Like Sign, she was missing a piece inside; she wandered alone. Unlike Sign, however, she didn't have a circle to fall back on; granted she also hadn't had her family ripped away.

Maybe she could help the blue mare, but in truth she was in much the same position as of late. Sparkle thought that more likely than not, he now had two charges under his care.

Part of him selfishly pouted at the idea. He wanted Amber all to himself; he had missed her so much. It had been a struggle not to fall into such despair as they had.

But he couldn't abandon them any more than he could chew off his leg. They had been there to help keep him from such a deep ache in his heart; he had to help pull them back up in return.

"Anyone got a good idea for a game for five," he asked, absently propping his chin at the base of his mate's neck while he slid his gaze over the group of mares. Still, he had to touch her. Always.

Poor Tribe had come in last; she was still the lone traveler, the odd mare out.


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Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:10 am
by Kyra
Amber chuckled at what he said, "Yes, very true". She started to help him get out of his snow covering, brushing it away from his face and head with her muzzle. Amber glanced over at Traveler, she was quit happy to see the mare loosening up. Then she lifted and turned her head at the sounds of hooves approaching from behind her. She was also quit surprised when she heard, hooves now coming from the other direction but did not have a chance to turn before she saw blue legs and tail, a landing of a jump a few feet away from her and sparkle. Amber thought this was very out of character for the blue mare, but the way she was acting with the new serian she was sure Sparkle's plan would be easier now. She also had no idea she could clear over 2 standing serians.

"Nice to meet you Tribe," she said looking a the new mare. "Sorry to here about Crest."

Traveler nodded as Sign introduced herself, and she some reason the flying over serians to her seemed in character for the blue mare. She also did not do her observation again when Tribe joined them. She did not even noticed she did not to it. The green mare was quit glad that Sign was doing the talking for her, since she was sure her speech would seem quit odd.

Amber's gaze moved back to her mate, "Only one I think would be fun either tag, horse hunt or freeze tag. Anyone else got any ideas." At this point she noticed that light snow was starting to fall marking any of those games a good chose, but with the now, she did not notice the light fog coming in.

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Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 6:28 pm
by Songhue
Sparkle tilted his head, thinking. He had never heard of horse hunt, though tag would be an obvious option. He didn't really think a game where you were trying to run from one another would be good for any he knew needed to feel closer to others.

While he considered and turned his head to look at Amber, Sign and Tribe traded a look. Neither of them cared, really, what they would do, if they even did play a game. This was a distraction, a momentary reprieve from the pain.

They just wanted to be happy again.

But the truth was, it wouldn't stick, wouldn't go all the way down. They would laugh and enjoy themselves but it would be hollow all the same. They wouldn't feel the laugh, not deep in their hearts.

Tribe closed her eyes first, breaking the shared look as she sent up a silent plea. I just want to be happy again... Even if it's just for this little bit, please let me feel again.

It was easy to get jaded, it really was. She went so many places, saw so many things, and always it was without a true and proper partner. If someone could simply make her feel again, make her laugh and love and enjoy life...

Ah, well. It did no good for her to dwell on such thoughts here, among company, as she did while in her long and lonesome travels.

Time for the two of them to focus on the others, on the game and the fun to be had at the moment, instead of their own troubles. And time for her to set aside her own struggles to help make sure Sign did just that. Of the two, the blue mare was the one closest to breaking.

"I learned a game," she said, glancing at Sign for a moment before continuing over whatever Sparkle had intended to say, "a mixture between truth or dare and a game of riddles. You can answer the riddle, or take a dare, and if you guess wrong you have to answer a question in all honest truth. What do ya think, sugar?"

Sign blinked and smiled slightly, but instead of casting her own vote she looked to Sparkle. He was the lead on all things game-related, as far as she was concerned. And besides, she didn't trust her voice. The look she had shared with Tribe, even if it had only been a moment... There had been too many things said in that second of silence.

They could try, at the least, to stop hurting for the moment. Just long enough to enjoy what they could of the day, whatever it may offer.

Rather they would succeed was another question entirely, but they could try to set aside their pain.

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Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:08 pm
by Kyra
OCCl Way to much fun with this post, hope you like Rain's umm intro lol. He come in soon enough wanted to liven it up bit. I am having Amber not now Rain just yet, she was already out when he came.

Amber turned her attention to Tribe as she spoke. "That sounds interesting. We could also add if you answer a question wrong you have to gallop around the meadow then get asked the question you have to answer in honest truth." She thought it be a way to keep warm if needed and to loosen up when running, at least running always made her feel good.

Traveler looked from one mare to the next, this would be interesting, she was going to have to talk. She mentally cringed, but also tried to see it as a challenge, at the thought of saying so many words and pretty sure it be a disastrous.

As the talked the fog kept thickening and the snow came down harder, and bigger so to a point once Amber stopped speaking you could not see anything outside of their little group. Purple eyes watched the group and this weather he could easily see, since he created it. He thought they could use a jolt and it was so much fun to be a hunting spirit.

He raced out of the woods, knowing full well the others could not see him, with such a thick fog and big snow falling he was invisible to them. He also knew the art of silence, no foot hit any where a sound would make. He quickly beeline and nipped the haunches of Traveler, then the same to Sign, then skipped over the mare that he not seen come and nearly whipped out seeing her. Then he had the fog and snow thicken even more on Amber's side that faced the out slide of the circle and brushed against her then bolt back to his watch place. As he left though he concentrated hard and had the equivalent of a half afoot of snow fall and stick to all the gals minus Amber, she got 1 foot, then 2 feet for Sparkle. He waited to see the reactions, which was not long.

Traveler bolt and bucked at having her tail pulled. Her brown eyes wide in shock as she let out a shrieking whinny. She stopped a few moments later, when her heart stopped pounding, and lucky a few feet from colliding with Tribe. She also shook and swung her body after the snow fell and was sticking to her, she got some of but not much. She looked to Amber for guidance to see the mare was covered in more snow than her.

Amber jumped a foot forward as a surprised whinny escaped her and kicked out in the direction where she been brushed. Her sun eyes where full of shock and surprise. She looked to everyone not sure in what was happening and annoyed with herself not seeing the odd weather, but she was lost before in helping her mate's family and her mate's touch. She whipped around to see who the other fared and then Sparkle whom got covered and even more snow. He was a snow horse now.

The blue stallion watched in much joy at how his bonded sisters reacted. So he slowed the slow and lighted the fog, but made sure to keep the intensity high in the forest but the clearing was visible again.

Amber noticed no tracks or a hint that anything had even been there. This confused her, how could there be nothing?

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:29 pm
by Songhue
Sign didn't shriek, but she did lay her ears back as the weather suddenly worsened and they found themselves inclosed, instantly stepping forward into the middle of the group for protection. She felt something move quite close by her as she leaped forward, reacting without thinking while Sparkle and Tribe moved to the edges to surround the others, their heads high and their ears alert. Sign, however, found herself cringing slightly, carefully shying away from getting too close to any of the others.

Something had been close - and had made the other two mares shriek, even. If it wasn't for her training she would have yelled as well, in all honesty, but as it was she kept completely mute. One never knew if a cry would attract help or more trouble, or simply help reveal your location all the better to the trouble that had already found you.

And then, just as suddenly as it had worsened, the air cleared within the field. The weather still seemed pretty rough out in the trees, however, and that seemed a rather unnatural barrier.

"Trickery," Sparkle grunted, momentarily unaware of the extra weight from the snow that had stuck to him; he was a strong and sturdy stallion, after all. "I'd know the mark of an elemental anywhere."

"Aye, sugar, trickery. And the guilty party has a sense of humor; look at us. We've piles of fresh powder blanketin our backs!"

That got Sign to relax. Something silly and harmless, like a little extra snow over your head, was a sign of simple play. Whoever it was, perhaps they hadn't meant the prank in a cruel or taunting manner.

Sparkle had automatically moved closer to Amber as she shrieked out and bucked, attempting to herd her towards the center with Sign and block any other mischief from the outside with his own body. Now, even though every movement made a scattering of snow drift off his hide, he gave her a very thorough looking-over, insisting on inspecting her every inch for any bite marks or other signs of attack.

"Don't even try to argue," he warned her, pacing in a circle as he trailed the tip of his muzzle across her back and felt for even a spot where the hair had been scruffed under all the snow that was still trying to cling to her, "even if you are perfectly fine I have to make sure. It's a stallion thing, trust me."

"In other words there is absolutely no logical thought behind it, so you have no hope of attempting to understand," Sign translated, a slight quirk crossing her lips as she continued to glance about with her head low. She got Tribe to belt out a tinkling laugh, the bangles on her multi-hued tail clattering along merrily while she gave it a quick toss and proclaimed "Ain't that the truth!"

While Sparkle checked on Amber, Tribe shook her head and reared up to give an almighty buck, successfully knocking the bulk of the snow off her form before trotting closer. She gave Sign a quick once over, just to see how shaken the blue one was - and to whisper a quick encouragement. "Fear not, sugar. Just games and trickery, is all. No more scars for you."

Then she moved on to Traveler, gentle concern showing in the tilt of her ears. She had cried out as well as amber. "Are you anything other than a bit shaken? I haven't much talent in helping to heal, but our Sparkle knows a fair few tricks and Sign is a true mother hen once you get her going."

"I'm not as bad as I once was," Sign objected, giving her heavy tail a quick toss and looking quite dejected as the piles of snow stuck to her fetlocks and weighed in her mane.

"Of course not, sugar, but you are still a natural born mother."

Sparkle even paused in his inspection of his mate when Tribe said this, watching the pale mare cringe as she realized her poor choice of words. For a moment there was silence.

"Sweet Siren, I didn't mean -"

"It's fine, Gypsy. You did remind me of a riddle our bonded once shared with me though, which she learned from her own mother. If there's no objection and if everyone is alright, I could go first in our game; unless you wish to try and find this trickster that's made my limbs ache from the weight of such snow?"

"Perhaps we should take a look around, if nothing else," Sparkle proposed, keeping his eyes on his mate as he inspected her legs and attempted to get her to lift each one to demonstrate that the joints still flexed properly, "You could certainly use a good run, at the least. It should help knock off some of that snow that's weighing you down, and the rest would melt off once you got good and warmed up. We don't need you catching a chill."

"I'm up for a good race," Tribe agreed while sign nodded her consent, "What of y'all? We might get lucky and find a chance to toy with our storm caller in return."

And perhaps even teach them a lesson or two about the wisdom of messing with serians that they did not know. It was one thing to play around with those close to you in such a way, it was simply rude to do so to one you've yet to even gain a proper introduction with.

Tribe was simply itching to dunk whoever it was under a frozen lake and watch them scramble back out on the ice while they gasped from the sheer chill in the waters.

That would show them for messing with Sign while she was around, for sure!