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Re: Spray of Waves

OCCL: Sorry school and then job caught me. However would not have it any other way with my job!

BIC: Her touch sent all other thoughts, doubts and anything but joy, content and all other emotions like that from his mind. He longed for her touch and now being able to feel her warm against him, he felt like the whole world centered around his Starlight. He looked at her a bit puzzled by the playful expression in her eyes, but he was not about to get left behind and picked up a trot in order to have contact with her, his side brushed hers. He had a feeling like a whisper that this meant she was planing something, looks like that came before a challenge of sorts, however only 1% of his mind thought on it, the other 99% was on her, and really he was not even truly aware of where they were heading for.
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