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Re: Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 10:23 am
by Aria
Flux enjoyed watching him splash in the river and wet his mane. It reassured her that perhaps splashing him in the face wasn't all that disturbing after all.

He surprised her though, with his parent-like affection and protectiveness towards the forest. Perhaps she just wasn't used to meeting someone so sincere and selfless.

Yes, this forest is beautiful and just the change of scenery I needed. Meeting a nice handsome Serian as yourself doesn't hurt none either. Flux grinned widely. Sure, I wouldn't mind. she said, and then held down her head and tilted it towards the river, as if to say "after you".

Re: Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 1:10 pm
by Vineda
He was glad to see she didn't mind being splashed back as he sprayed water everywhere in his shaking off ritual. Ladylike, but not too ladylike, he mused. Oak started against the current, grinning like a colt to feel the water rushing around his legs. When he lifted a hoof, he could feel the flow of water change to accommodate the rearrangement. It was like a memory his bonded had shared with him once, of holding her hand out against the wind as she hitched a ride on a dragon. At higher speeds, she could feel the air currents flowing over and under her hand, feel them pushing her arm backwards when she opened her palm to face forward.

The bright sun shining down through the gap in the trees over the middle of the river made a stark contrast in temperature, warming his hide above the water while the rushing current was cool enough to be called cold. If it is not in fair forest that you dwell, what is your home like? If you don't mind my asking, of course. He tried to picture different sceneries and guess which one she might favor. Was she a plains girl? Junlge, swamp, canyon, beach? Or perhaps she did not prefer one over all the others.

He had to shake his head to ward off a bug or two. That was the trouble with traveling in the river... He wished his horns were effective against them.

Re: Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:55 pm
by Aria
Flux took a moment after Oak spoke to take in their surroundings. The weather today couldn't be any more perfect. The heat of the sun warmed her back, yet the cool water rushed around her hooves. The air was fresh and crisp, with the slight hint of floral scents.

Where I usually consider myself at home is nothing like this forest, really. Flux explained, My favorite hiding place is this dark section of another forest across the fields. The forest is very thick, and most stick to the paths when traveling through it. I, however, find the deepest darkest parts of the forest that most think to be haunted, and rest there.

Flux knew she had to sound mental, but she dididn't care. If she were going to attempt to make a friend, she might as well lay it all out on the table from the get go.

There's just a different, mysterious, and sort of thrilling energy in those parts of the woods. Almost like there are different kinds of spirits that linger there. I find it interesting, and love to just lay in silence there and listen... Flux stopped herself, now 100% sure she had scared him off. She looked up at him to make sure he was still there, and when he was, gave him a half awkward smirk. Suddenly she felt nervous, from opening herself up so much, and had hooves had the ability to be clammy, hers would be.

She cleared her throat and continued to walk in silence, and then finally felt like lightening the mood once more.

So, Oak, do you have a partner? She laughed, hardly serious but curious all the same.

Re: Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:09 am
by Vineda
Oak tilted his head to the side, watching her as she spoke of her place. He couldn't keep from smiling, listening to her speak of her own forest. You do not stick to the paths? And yet you do not think it haunted? It would take boldness, to walk into a forest rumored to be haunted. Boldness, yes, and a sort of daring as well. A curiosity, a desire to find out for oneself just what the forest was all about.

He was not often spooked, but then again, things that usually made others afraid normally had explanations to them. What kind of spirits? Now he was really grinning, chuckling to see her rush through an explanation as though she were getting it over with. Her abashment was cute, as he had expected the confidence and attitude he'd come to associate with 'pretty mares'. Now, ghost tales... he was curious to see if she had any good ones to weave.

This game had it's own feel of 'twenty questions'. Were other random meetings this abrupt and awkwardish? Oak mentally shrugged. Didn't bother him if they weren't. A partner? A small chuckle escaped him again. No, ma'am, no partner for me. I'm pretty solitary most of the time. There aren't usually many out and about to be run across hereabouts anyhow. He squinted at her momentarily. Why, do you? Perhaps if she did it would be a familiar name, an acquaintance. The phrase 'small world' was not so common for nothing.

Re: Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:02 pm
by Aria
Flux found it surprising that Oak was amused by her story. Either he truly found it interesting or he was laughing at her in a nice way. She took his smiles as a sign of enjoyment, though, and continued answering his questions.

I don't usually stick to the paths, that's how I ran into you after all! Flux said, and winked innocently at him. Thinking about the way they met still made her laugh. The spirits of the forest, obviously! The trees, the bushes, the grass, the river... they all have voices. You just has to stop and listen. Flux grinned at him, wishing she didn't sound so much like an old wise grandmother.

The way Oak laughed at the very mention of a "partner" made Flux's eyebrows raise. Did he find the idea ridiculous? Or did a past experience turn him against the idea? Who knew. She didn't want to pry, it was really none of her business, being a stranger to him still. So she chose to leave it alone.

That's too bad, Flux said, you seem outgoing enough and so polite, the mares should be stalking your every step! Flux smirked at him, teasing. No sir, I'm on my own, same as you. I haven't had very many chances yet though, you're only the second of my kind I've ever come across...

The river seemed to be thinning, and Flux worried that they were running out of runway. What would they do when the river depleted? Or if it forked and left them with a choice to make? She guessed she'd just have to wait and see.

Re: Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:47 pm
by Aria
Before either of them could say another word, a small fairy-like creature flew up towards them. It was pocket-sized, had tiny hands and feet, and the bright blue light emanating from it was so bright you could barely see its face. It spoke with a tiny little voice that for some reason, reminded Oak and Flux of bells ringing.

"Please! You MUST help me!! My sister is about to get eaten!!" the little voice rang out. It fluttered around their faces frantically, waving its little arms.

Flux's eyes were open wide, and her jaw even dropped a little. She looked at Oak to see if he saw it too, hoping she hadn't lost her mind.