When the Stars are Brightest {Galaxy + Realm Walker}

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Re: When the Stars are Brightest {Galaxy + Realm Walker}

Sunny bowed his head in slight shame. Caustic was right, as usual.

I did do that, didn't I? I was angry at him. Not only was he being mean to the others, but he started trying to bully Shadowstar. You do NOT mess with my little filly! He punctuated the statement with an uncharacteristic glare. His family mattered more to him than anything. He had just gotten his foal back, he wasn't losing her again. Then he sobered and finished with But you're right. I can't mistreat him myself for being stupid, then defend him when you do the same. I forgot for a moment that you haven't seen him grow like I have. I was too busy being defensive. Thanks for the kick in the flank, I needed it.

Shadowstar smiled brightly at Realm's response and answered How about tomorrow afternoon? We can meet at the entrance to Talia's territory. Sound good? She couldn't believe it! She had never even fancied anyone before, much less gone on an actual date! She wondered if Realm had any experience with this sort of thing. Well, if he does, maybe he'll help her out. One of her ears flicked back at her father's mention of Black Thorn's bullying. It hadn't hurt her self esteem an inch, she was too secure in herself for that. But her father's rage at what he said.... Just because she's grown doesn't mean she lost the natural fear of her parents. Though, it was rather sweet the way he was so protective of her. She sent him a grateful smile before shoving the memories to the back of her mind and refocusing on the present. The present is what's important after all.

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Re: When the Stars are Brightest {Galaxy + Realm Walker}

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That sounds wonderful! he replied with another emphatic nod.

Realm was all but glowing with anticipation. Little did she know that he had never been on a date before either! Suddenly, just thinking about it, he was full of anxieties- how did one go about preparing for something like this? Would she even be interested anymore once it was just the two of them? He blushed fiercely in response, his thoughts running rampant. He supposed that they would just have to see. There was nothing that could be done about it. He just had to trust in the fact that they seemed to have a connection of sorts, and at the very least, he was sure that he would leave with a good friend.

Shimmer smiled at her daughter and Realm, noting the exchange. She was happy that Shadowstar had met a kindred spirit of sorts. At least she had someone that could empathize with her, and Realm was a kind, steady stallion, with a bright mind and a gentle spirit. She could do far worse. She was proud of her daughter for being so bold as well! She definitely had a lot of her father in her, that much was for certain.

She adored the time that she had spent with her circlemates as well. She always felt this instant sense of fulfillment when they were around, as if her life were exactly as it should be. She returned the gentle nudge from Eternal with a nuzzle of her own, as she watched the mare approach Galaxy in the distance. Worry crossed her usually impassive features. Galaxy had been acting... odd... as of late. Not necessarily childish, although it would likely come across as such, for those that didn't know him well. She feared that Eternal mistook his outburst as an act of immaturity, when in reality, she understood his position all too well.

Something was calling to him; his heart had been shattered far too many times. He had been fettered and unfettered, pulled in multiple directions at once, abandoned and rebonded, forced to make hard decisions for the betterment of others. And always, without thinking, he would choose to do what was right by someone else, rather than taking the selfish route and finally doing something, anything, that he actually deserved. She understood and appreciated Caustic's casually blunt speech, but Galaxy would instantly assume it was an accusation. It was all that he had been exposed to, and she realized that she was partially to blame in some respects. With a small resigned sigh, she turned her head away to give them some privacy. She could only hope that Eternal would understand- eventually. He had the potential to be greater than most, herself included. But some healing needed to be done first. Trust would always have to be earned with him. And she had a feeling that his story had only just begun. To settle too soon would spell disaster for him.

Galaxy turned his head, ever so slightly, at the sound of her voice, his ears twitching in response to her words. He was collected, calm. His altercation with Caustic was forgotten- they had said what needed to be said, he had no wish to revisit it. Perhaps in time he could appreciate the somewhat abrasive warrior. He meant well, but Galaxy was tired. So tired. And while it made him happy to see his "adopted" son welcomed back into his family, he still felt distinctly... alone.

He nodded briefly at her gesture and smiled gently. She had been a comfort to him, and he did appreciate that.

With that he turned away, and with a mere stomp of a hoof, a new star shimmered into existence. He watched it curiously for a moment before galloping off into the sunrise.

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