In Search of Spring [Nighttears]

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In Search of Spring [Nighttears]

The chilly winter wind flew through the trees, whipping their branches into motion, filling the air with the dry rustling of the few leaves that had yet to fall. The last rays of the setting sun cast deep shadows on their fallen friends, animating the stillness, growing until they became the night. The breeze, leached of the warmth of day, sharpened with the bite of true winter.

The sound of flickering wings blended with the gentle rustling of displaced leaves, the faint, raspy notes creating a symphony rarely heard, singing of a stranger's presence near the Gate.

To the south, a silver eye slowly opened, intrigued by the unusual sounds. As they faded, so did her interest, until a dash of dark rainbow flashed in the distance.

Gracefully rising to her feet, Avensong rushed into the night, guessing at Prophet's destination and determined to beat him there.

[In Search of Spring] is a continuous story RP. To participate, reply with a post continuing the story as if you are the sole author. Feel free to be creative, and take it in unexpected directions. The most fitting response will be highlighted while the other posts will be dimmed, and the highlighted participant will gain one point.

After several rounds of this, the story will end and the participant with the most points will be able to Bond Nighttears.

Some rules:

- Please limit replies to a reasonable length, don't write the whole story all at once ;)
- Any character that has been introduced into the story can be included in your reply.
- Any character that has NOT been introduced into the story should not be included in your reply.
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Re: In Search of Spring [Nighttears]

OOC - Been wanting to jump into this but wasn't sure how to play Avensong or Prophet...but hopefully I can get things started by giving it a try

Branches flashed by as the black stallion weaved effortlessly amongst the trees, what few leaves had managed to stubbornly cling to their branches now fluttered to the ground in the wake of his passage. Bushes, logs, holes and rocks threatened to trip him, but he stumbled not once in his mad dash through the darkened forest.

It wasn't enough though, soon there was the sound of another set of thundering hooves. He grinned as his ears picked up the familiar tempo and he increased his pace to see if he could reach his destination first.

The frozen ground crackled beneath their hooves, the icy wind tore at their manes, their breaths creating great plumes in the night air. Just when one thought they could go no farther the stallion planted his hooves and slid to a stop, spinning around to beam at his pursuer.

"We're here!"

Startled at the abrupt stop, it was all Avensong could do to avoid crashing head first into her quary. Taking deep breaths of the frigid air she glanced about, "And where is that, if I may ask?"

(Just a short one, trying to get the rust off my brain)

OOC - Continuing my story a bit more in this post, now that there's some life on the thread

Prophet tilted his head to one side, "Don't you know where we are?"

Avensong had to admit that the mad rush through the trees had gotten her a bit mixed up, but she wasn't about to let the dark stallion know this. She glanced about quickly, eyes furtively darting from side to side to take in her surroundings. A grin spread across her face. "The Gate," she said.

The stallion shook his rainbow mane, he'd hoped to have actually stumped her on that one. With a twinge of irritation in his voice he replied, "Yes, of course, anyone would know that. Now come, I have someone to show you..." and he started off through the last few trees remaining before the Gate. Their hooves crunched on the frosted foliage as the night came on full force, darkness engulfing the area but a moon rising in the distance promised to guide their way.

But then Prophet stopped, throwing his head back in surprise. The green mare behind him nearly collided again, swearing with frozen breath. "What now?" she called out, her spines bristling.

"It's gone."

"What's gone."


Not getting any sense out of her fellow companion she pushed her way past him, her mane and tail tangling in the brush in the process, leaves getting caught everywhere. It was going to be a nightmare getting them all out. She did not envy the Serians with full manes and tails, too much work. She tried to give him a final shove, but he couldn't be budged. And when she finally stepped out of the trees into the moonlight, she knew why.

The Gate was gone.

OOC - apparently this revelation was so stunning that my father dropped a plate in the kitchen just as I wrote that last line :D
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Re: In Search of Spring [Nighttears]

OOC| I for one love SunBlind's reply. :)

Edit: Your writing is fantastic! Can you continue?! :lol:

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