The Presence of a Storm

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The Presence of a Storm

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The golden mare galloped at top speed. Her mane an tail a raging river behind her. Her blue eyes cast over with storm clouds. Rain did trickle from her own storm as she ran. She was clear headed enough to not be reckless though, so the low log ahead she easily slowed and flew over it. Once on the landing then next stride was full out again. She wondered at how long she could keep this pace? She been at it for some time now.

As she streaked down the forest path the trees thinned so she could see hear and there out into a meadow. She liked it and disliked it. She did not want to be seen in this state and yet she did want to be found. Someone to make sense of this whirl wind inside of her head! Sure she was bonded and that gave her what she needed but that is like your family. She needed to hear it from someone outside.

Spark had told the story to Kyra and several of her bonded family members but the dreams, words, memories haunted her. Her old life haunted her. She tried as hard as possible to please and be a great competitor and bonded to her old one... Though it was not enough. Just when she thought she felt like they were part of her not just bonded but connected in all ways, she been cast out. Abandoned for not being whom they wanted her to be. She was told she was too willing, she needed to cause more ripples, without it it took the fun out of things. The mare was just a pleasing and follower, her bonded wanted a leader. Wanted her to show the inner Spark the flare, the mare knew she had but had a hard time letting it be seen. In competition she was a force to be reckoned with, but everyday and helping her bonded with projects apparently she need to cause commotion? To get things done was a lot faster if everyone worked as a team, so she did her best to be that part. If a older serian asked her to help with something else she did it. No questions, why would there be in that moment. If unclear asked how to do things, though told she asked to many, she should know it all by now...

Really!!?? So basically her old life was trying to mold her from being herself, thought so to speak they could tame and mold her to what exactly they needed!!

Thunder cracked in the not too far distance, which stopped the mare's reverie. She tossed her head, slowed to be able to buck and jump to the sky. She had so much frustration, anger, and haunting words in her ears. She welcomed the storm's tell tailing sign. It could over ride some the words, but the images flicked across her vision as she moved. She saw her surroundings, but they me overlapped with her memory.

She knew her bonded has been there a few times and her words gave her a place to draw strength. Spark knew she was not alone, though her past haunted and really the only healing was time and love from others. She had a family and sibling love with her knew family but maybe a friends bond was the strength she needed to put this in the past for good. To come to peace with it. Which was what she and she alone could do, but she needed help and more than a family and sibling bond is what was needed, or so she hoped.

So for now running and killing as much energy, anxiety, hurt and frustration was what she was doing now.

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