Chasing Pirates

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Re: Chasing Pirates

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He grinned; couldn't help it. Coal hadn't meant to reveal anything, really, but for an old stallion like himself the simple statement - right one at the right time - spoke volumes. He hadn't really tried yet, wasn't truly wanting to woo the pretty mares he admired, and he saw it as something serious that wasn't to be taken lightly - to commit to a mate.

Well, he had only started his prodding teases to determine the heart of the issue. If his son was showing true interest and yet failing to follow through, that was one thing. To simple admire without seeking, however, well, he remembered those days himself. Nothing wrong with enjoying the company of a beautiful creature simply for the sake of doing so.

The matter settled, he began to turn his thoughts to this famed adventure, but then- Ah. Well.

I'm quite afraid I've not heard from either of them, not your mother or Leafy, he said, and there was a resigned sort of sorrow in his words. It had been so long; he was convinced they had retreated into their own territories. It was, perhaps, all the more insulting that their own personal territory resided here in Rhyandrithae, almost within the haven of Sionayra itself, rather than in a separate realm as his own did. As theirs did.

Mother hasn't met our new circlemates, yet, and they've been with us for... he paused, calculating, and finished in the only manner he knew how, oh, about six sky fluctuations, now.

It was something that so few stopped to consider; the sky breathed. It wasn't easy to explain to others, but he'd been seeing to the fluctuating cycles of atmospheric pressures and the different balance of heat and gasses for their entire lives, so perhaps that much at least had managed to rub off on them.

It had been almost that long since he had last seen them, too. It was such a shame, the way life had to usher them onward, away from one another. But then clouds that drifted apart would often come together again for a memorable storm elsewhere.

Unfortunately I don't believe either of them will be able to join our adventuring escapades, he told them with a sad smile. But I'm still more than willing, myself, if you'll both still have me along?

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Re: Chasing Pirates

Post by Vineda »

Coal had to hold back an eye roll at his father’s knowing grin. He had never heard any tales of his dad being a mind reader, but you’d never know it to look at him this moment. He was still wondering what he was in for with this subject when Caelum’s answer made both of their forms sag. It had been worth a hope...

The two siblings traded a look, Coal looking away with a scowl. Rose reached out a velvet nose to nudge her brother, instantly leaving any bickering behind. We can still hope to meet them someday. But we should be glad to have each other, and now our papa back. Many have much less. Sunna? She’s not seen any of her family at all. Storms still crossed Coal’s features, but he nodded his acknowledgement. It was a common rift. Heck, there were some that grew up not knowing of their parents at all, not knowing if they even had sibligs.

I thought that a Circle never fell apart? In her mind even though Bonds could fail, Circles could not. She wondered if her mother would remember them. Her father with his innate strength of character buoyed them both with his attitude. Rose offered her Papa a shy smile. Coal shook himself thoroughly to rid the gloomy thoughts. What’d you have in mind, Dad?

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