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Chasing Pirates

Posted: Sat May 28, 2016 10:32 pm
by Vineda
Two figures raced across the beach, bodies working hard. Hooves sank deep into sand and legs churned to keep speed up on top of such a shifting surface. It had begun as a race but they were running side by side now, both unexpectedly challenged by the sand beach. Coal's beach was full of rocks, and Frost Rose resided on the mountain side... Not really tropical experts. Neither sibling would yield and be the first to walk and catch a breath, but they were no longer vying for the lead.

Neither had been back to their homeland for quite some time, but today seemed like the perfect day to return. Perhaps there would be old friends or new faces along the way, but the instant they'd returned Coal and Rose had shared a look - it was so great to be home.

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Re: Chasing Pirates

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:22 am
by Songhue
Responsibility was a hard lesson.

After AuraSidra's last misadventure she had known no shortage of support, but that didn't really make it any easier of a lesson. It was, in a way, a loss of a certain kind of innocence.

Eternal was understanding in a way that was rather surprising, given her Rogue nature. She was, simply put, more. One wouldn't typically expect her to commiserate with a filly who had no special talents of her own.

It wasn't about raw power however, and Eternal was respected above the others for much more reason than sheer talent. She led them; it was natural, a part of her personality, a piece of her that wasn't so much defined by her being a Rogue as it was that it had simply demanded by its very nature that she be nothing else. She well understood the burden of identity.

Other had helped, as much as they could. The Elementals had spoken with the filly about their own brand of responsibility; Darroch's obsession with learning was seen in a whole new light by their little winged wonder after that particular talk. Their warrior had helped in his own way, giving her nothing to hide with, no fear to cower behind. It was fact; what was she going to do about it? AuraSidra had taken the bait and pushed back, too much her mother's daughter to allow herself to flinch away. She was their little princess. Others with powerful personalities shared some small wisdom; Flint and Path had been particularly appreciated, considering how much they had changed over time. They no longer actively pushed to carry that burden, allowing others with more natural skill to take over; but once, they had been the fiercest.

While much of the haunted look had gradually left the youngster's eyes, there still remained a shadow. It was simply the knowledge of seeing the world differently. There was little to be done for that, or little that anyone else could do. Eternal, however, was not anyone else.

So it was they ended up on some random beach, in some random part of Sionayra; more likely than not they'd wound up on the other side of the Yurin mountains and it was the Neretyn sea that frothed around her fetlocks. It wasn't quite the sanctuary of the fields, but it wasn't too far off either.

Today wasn't a day to sit in peace and grow comfortable with the difference to what had been. Today was the day to begin what would be.

AuraSidra, of course, didn't mind in the least that they wound up somewhere completely out of her element. Not that she particularly had an element; snow and sunlight, dazzling, blinding, warm on her back and cold in her face. The beach was an odd texture, but the sun glinted brightly off the water; at least she could see. Her eyes were so accustomed to brilliance that dimmer lighting made her nearly blind.

She was glad Eternal was here. It was the only one she knew who didn't make her skin twitch as if flies were swarming her. She was still who she was; still too bold for her tiny form, but now there was the strain of knowing just how normal she was in all other regards. It felt, with all the others, as if she took on more than she had a right to handle; she could fail them. She knew that now.

Eternal was the only one with a bigger personality than her, the only one who she couldn't out-sass. Well, perhaps her parents; she did listen to them, really. Mostly. When they made sense.

The twitching to a bit better after talking to Caustic, though. He put her in the right mindset. So she didn't have special tools; so she could feel freezing winds in space that played with the burning suns, and she could use them to paint across the sky. It wouldn't really help with anything, save maybe a momentary distraction if one was desperately needed. It was such a mild magic that was so strictly related to the affinity of her parents that she was numbingly average. Almost all Serians had some small touch of magic, beyond the general ability to speak through the mind-touch. Warriors had less, but they had such physical talent that it was rarely missed. Warriors were the prime example of what their species could physically become. Elementals were the prime of what their magic could become; and of course, Rogues like Eternal were the examples of what the Goddess would be if she took their shape, the ultimate in all their potentials.

Average though she was, her one special talent was her brain. Her personality. Her parents had told her that few had stirred up the bond-herd as she had, and her just a wee thing of no particular ability. If she felt the lack of these extra things she would never be, then surely she would simply hone those tools she did have. What would she do then, indeed; as if crawling into a corner and claiming herself to be less, to be so insignificant, could happen! To even imply such a thing! Hmph!

Every time she thought of it she got irritated all over again, yet once that irritation faded she felt that lingering uncertainty. She was glad she had Eternal to look up to; everyone looked up to the Rogues. None could feel the raw abilities of might and magic as they could.

They also probably never doubted themselves.

But - uh-oh, what was that? Eternal had perked her ears forward, taking note of something in the not-too-distant shoreline. Someone coming? Typically, save for the fiercer of the unbonded, their own kind wasn't much of a threat; certainly not to someone like their Great Lady, surely? At least she hoped it was simply someone new. She had seriously had enough with ancient things trying to kill her and everyone she loved. Seriously, what in Epona's name was all that about??

The next second AuraSidra forgot about such speculations as Eternal called out in a whicker.

Hail and well met, friends! Would that be the cherished kindred of my cloud walking friend, Caelum? He'll be greatly pleased to have news brought back to him of his loved ones.

Really? the filly squeaked, both surprised and unaccountably excited, StormWalker had foals? When did that happen? Why doesn't he share gummy grasses with them? Greetings! she called, pushing her thoughts as far out as her youth would allow, What are y'all called? Do you know any games?

New games were always a good thing, especially as she didn't have that many for the beach, herself. Tribe did, of course, but then that wanderer had a lot of things that AuraSidra had yet to pry out of her. Yet.

Eternal smiled to see a little sparkle return to the filly in her excitement. It had been hard to convince Thorn to stay home, a strange argument to have with the Hermit, but in this moment she was glad she'd finally convinced the stallion to part from their little Princess's side. Right now the last thing that youngling needed was someone hovering. She needed to jump off the metaphorical cliff again; carrying her wouldn't help.


Re: Chasing Pirates

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:18 pm
by Vineda
Coal and Rose exchanged looks, his more wary and serious, hers more excited and friendly. Other visitors! There was no mistaking the forms of their own kind. The two broke their strides as one, slowing early to catch breath before they were right on top of the strangers. There was no mistaking this great one, especially not with the regard their bonded had for her. No mistaking the young one, either. Her being of lineage out of this particular clan.

It was the gentler Rose who offered out their reply, huffing as daintily as she might as they drew closer. "Well met, indeed, Lady and young lady! Good greetings to you both! Caelum is certainly our Da, though tis has been painfully long since I have seen him. Pray let tell of him fall upon our ears this day."

Coal warmed a bit to the young one with her cut straight to the chase. He looked to her with a gleam in his eye. "Ever buried a Serian before? Or been buried? Not that it's the most exciting game, but I always liked it on beaches with sand like this... What games do you know?" Thoughts had to reach back quite a ways to reach the days when he and his siblings would play fun games all day, that was sure.

Re: Chasing Pirates

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:14 pm
by Songhue
Merry a day is this, then, to bring glad tidings to these who are beloved to one cherished within our herd, Eternal smiled, automatically falling into the olden-style speech that so many of her bond-mates favored. She had a strong suspicion that it might have to do with the way their bonded fell in and out of the same patterns of speech herself, yet she didn't care enough to actively ponder the phenomenon; at the moment it was simply useful, for the sweet Rose was easily mirrored in style and made welcome.

The current pass-time of our dear StormWalker appears to be inventing new kinds of clouds, which should be no surprise and yet has each of us at home caught quite unawares. Pray tell, have you heard the term Asperatus before in reference to such shapes as these sky-bound wisps of water may form themselves into?

It didn't seem likely that the beautiful mare would have heard of it, considering it was a rather recent invention of Caelum's, but it seemed polite to make a note of his most recent accomplishment by name. She'd inquire for updates to bring back to him once such niceties were completed, but it wouldn't do to leap ahead to such inquiries before the time came.

She knew of some who grew bored with such routine socializing, and yet such a notion was beyond her comprehension. Caelum would be overjoyed to learn that his cherished young had enjoyed a visit to the homeland, thirsty for whatever news she might bring him; she would have to be careful to commit each word to memory for his sake. However similar, there was such variety within each conversation relating specifically to whomever she spoke with that she just couldn't understand tiring of it. Talking with Rose would be nothing like trading tales with Coal, and each of them still would never say quite the same thing as Caelum himself would.

This was part of what she hoped to help the little one see; the simple joys, the thrill of what was normal. Every moment was available to be studied from multiple perspectives if one truly wished to better oneself.

Beaches like this are still new for me, the filly in question said. There was a spark of interest in the idea of burying something other than treasure; and she thought she could be quite happy with a game that was slightly less than exciting. My home has a bit of a sea off in one direction or another - was it to the north, maybe? Or was that the east? No, it must be the south, because the two suns were almost always somewhere along those frozen waves - but it is as frozen as the tundra. The only other games I know are treasure hunts, wave chasing, stone-hop, and ground-sky. I think we should bury me since would be easier; I am smaller, she reflected thoughtfully, and promptly plopped down with a huge goofy grin. This would be a great addition to her list of pointless entertainment!

AuraSidra started flailing her wings in the sand, trying to scoop some of the warm stuff against her sides. She got more of it on everyone else than her own hide, though she didn't quite realize it; she was looking back at the rivets her wings were digging in the sand.


Re: Chasing Pirates

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:13 pm
by Vineda
'Tis a beautiful day! agreed Rose heartily. She could hardly believe their luck at encountering another Serian hereabouts, let alone two! And certainly not herdmates of her Da's. She'd half hoped that maybe... But twas not to be just yet.

Before news of bloodbonds carries me too far away from my manners, would I be correct in my assumption that you are the lady Eternal, and that this is the infamous Aura Sidra? The families had once been so close, there was little mistaking them really.

That asked, Rose soaked up details of the Cloudmaster, imagination soaring. Coal, though nearby, carefully kept his attention outwardly on the charming filly before him. Oh, there were many such names I heard tell of.... Altos and Cirros, Cumulos, Stratos... Many piecings he used to speak of the sea in the sky. I claim no inherited specialty in the wisps decorating the skylines... Would that I had kept more knowledge of it all. Her gaze swept over her brother, who had always been more knowledgeable even without trying. He was trying hard to appear nonchalant. The mare eased them into conversation about him so gently, she could scold her brother thrice over for avoiding it so.

Has your... clan... been kept quite busy of late? She knew not enough recent details to truly inquire about the personal goings on of this lovely one, nor even of the herd, truly. She would have to settle for what general details she could glean.

Ahh, you're a filly of the sea, then? Do you have much to do with your frozen sea? She did not sound terribly interested in it. It sounded like a dry freeze somehow, the way she talked about it. Perhaps he had it wrong. His mother's lineage would not let his interest in the filly's waterland go without more investigation.

What is the best treasure hunt you've had, eh? And what exactly is ground sky? He did not realize he was asking almost as many questions as he would've as a young colt.

You would be easier. Who said we wanted to do things the easiest way, though? The grin on her brother's face right now showed he'd now completely distracted himself. It was the truest smile she'd seen from him in a long time. Rose shook her head hopelessly and watched through squinted eyes as Coal braved the onslaught of flying sand in order to start nudging piles of it closer to the crazy youngling.

He didn't tell the filly that he normally dug a bit of a hole to fit into first. Her way just might turn out even better!

Re: Chasing Pirates

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:28 am
by Songhue
Eternal blinked, slightly surprised at herself. Indeed, it had entirely escaped her to properly introduce herself or her young charge!

My most humble apologies; to have lapsed so blatantly of basic manners! Indeed, fair delicate flower, we are whom you name; it is merely that there have been such tales of your youth, indeed of previous visits to your own personal haven, that it merely seems as if we have already known one another for quite some time!

A quick toss of her heavy mane settled her mind, the moment allowed to pass. It was by no means her first mistake.

To speak in truth, thy holds more knowledge than I myself can claim, she admitted, nodding her head in the faintest indication of a bow. I can claim no specialty for the element as your sire does, and thus have a rudimentary working concept; it is not my personal manner of play. His newest creations are quite stunning, however, and everyone at home has learned the name.

She spared a quick glance for the filly here - ever the attentive guardian, our Lady Eternal - though as all seemed quite well (if sandy) she left her to her new game. Hopefully the young one wouldn't cause offense in some way, though so far both of them seemed to have their sire's patience; a more genial stallion it was hard to find, though his company was best taken in small increments. His very nature tended to induce headaches; but then, what else was to be expected when interacting with the immensity of the very sky itself?

And as we mention it, home has recently undergone a fair bit of excitement, indeed, she confirmed, smiling kindly in thanks for the inquiry. It's been transformed and yet remains the same, for while nothing can be seen there is a drastic difference to be felt. There's more power, a solid state of sentience, if you will, which had previously been a simple tickle.

Of course, that also meant it was easier to find - and of course, there were signals being sent out, a welcoming beacon for any who were lost and sought refuge in this strengthened realm - and not all who found it were entirely kind. But no more were they to hide, not with this new life having been infused into their very realm. The last unwelcome visitors had been interesting, but of no real trouble.

And what of yourselves, if it wouldn't be too forward of me to ask? What news have you of your own sanctuary, or those with whom you share your hearts? What developments have there been for yourselves, in particular, that your father may learn of?

Her ears perked forward eagerly, welcoming any news; she had spoken quite enough, she felt.


She could see things forming in the sand as she scraped and Coal scooped; a small gleam of creative joy lit her eye, allowing her to speak absently.

I have never been able to reach the water, not yet, she admitted, allowing her movements to become a bit more discerning (and as a result easing up on the clouds of gritty sand). It is very far away, though I can see it from the tops of my ice. There are great big things out there that I am told are called ring seals, but I play with the ermines in the snow since the seals and I have yet to meet, she confided.

There was a rather distinct moat taking shape around her now and her legs were nearly covered. They would be making better progress if she could keep from flicking her tail in her excitement...

Are you a water stally? she asked, and though she kept her focus on her creation there was real interest in the question. I am still learning how to swim; or at least, how to be a strong swimmer. Gypsy-Tribe says I am getting better, she admitted, and it was said in the way of sharing a confidence; clearly, Tribe was not to be questioned in regards to matters relating to water.

She gave me the best treasure hunt, she did, she added, and her face relaxed into a smile. There were some that were scary, and some that were really dangerous, but when I treasure hunt with Gypsy-Tribe it is only fun. We found a great big skull once, on top of some giant stones that sparkled like the suns were trapped inside, and the skull was so old that some of the stones had fused into the bone as parts of it wore away in the water. We got a lot of honey from the bear-folks for it, plus other stuff that the grown-ups were excited for, and it was the farthest Mother has ever let me travel, ever!

Some of the piles around her legs were getting a bit tall - a careful twitch of one feather tip made a roof and window, leaving her glowing. She would build around herself, rather than bury herself! The dimensions of a grand set of ruins, like she'd seen on some of those famous treasure hunts.

Do you treasure hunt? If you like the sea, you must have found some great treasures. Even Siren-Sign finds nice stuff in her cove, and she never looks for adventure at all. She likes to watch me play ground-sky though; that one is where I go upside down so that the ground is the sky, and then I fall down and try to let my wings catch me before the ground hits me for being stupid. It really is fun, when you manage not to bruise yourself.

Of course, sometimes it was fun even when she did end up coated in bruising. She looked practically purple once.

What do you think? she said, suddenly twisting her head back to look over her rump, A branch over the tail, maybe? She was thinking of a crumbling, dilapidated old bridge she'd seen once, reaching across like a tree over a river - she simply didn't have the word bridge.