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She had been watching the filly intently, thought trying to not seem overly curious. It was a tough decision to make, and she understood that far too well. Her decision had been in desperation, but she knew when she'd seen Tigs that this had to be the one she'd been waiting for. She'd been right, and she felt it was more of fate than luck. But perhaps the revelation didn't come so easily to everyone else, maybe it took time normally, under kinder circumstances.

"We can not say anything more than we already have, I'm sure. I know my feelings have been admitted, and that's all I wanted you to know. You're special to me like the daughter I thought I'd never have. But more than that, I admire you like a sister, a friend. One you can always come to, even if you do not live in the same lands as I do."

Nodding her head, the cheerful femme let out a large sigh of contentment and relaxation. The choice had been made, in a sense, but at least Luna knew how to find what she wanted when she needed to. "I've already said all that I can say as well. I'll always be your friend, no matter what, and I think you know how to find me." She winked, tapping the flute at her side.

Paying attention to what the other was showing the mare, she considered it, but thought better. She had enough to think about at the moment, further introductions could wait until she felt like meeting them. Hers were quite the handful, and to be honest, Tigs felt that they should probably be seen in small doses. "There is a string of starts that leads to an open field which marks the entrance to my lands. It is eternal night there so that you can always see the market, but don't worry, farther inside the day actually changes." She pointed in the distance to where a loose rose-like pattern of stars seemed to outshine even the moon nearby.

"If you have no place to stay for the night, or any night, and wish even a temporary home with friends, I offer my lands tonight or any night. If you would feel more comfortable wandering on your own to clear your mind, then please take care and be safe until next we meet. There will always be someone watching over you... and if Frostbite is missing in the morning, at least I'll know it's her." She laughed aloud once as the mare started at her indignantly.

Rising almost in unison, they turned towards the pattern of celestial light, waiting just long enough to see if Luna had anything more to say, or if she wished to accompany them.

((It's crappy, I know, I'm sorry, I just didn't want to keep you guys waiting on the decision :stress: ))
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Re: Lost...

(( I'm finally finishing this up!! I'm so very sorry for the long wait... I took a few liberties with the RP just to tie it up with the rest of the story ^^; ))

LunarPrism moved slowly into the shadows where it all started. All of her heartbreak had led her farther and farther away from the Fields and her father, traveling through lands that were unknown even to their neighbors, beginning with the lands shown to her by the two she had met here. She shook her mane softly and laughed to herself. It was foolish of her to come back here and expect them to still be here, waiting for her to decide who to trust, or if she could trust.


She flicked her ears in annoyance at that thought... those days were far behind her. She had decided months ago that her journey was over. Making her way back here, where she knew she could find them had taken a very long time, but it was worth it, so long as they still felt the same...

Turning to the distant hills, she saw familiar shapes on the horizon. Ears perking forward, she started walking towards the one that would hopefully Bond her... if Tig's offer was still open, of course.

(( Luna chose Tigress, but the RPs were incredible! It was ridiculously hard to choose. Thanks, everyone, for making this a ton of fun and letting me flesh out some of the lore that I had churning around in my head. I promise the next one won't take nearly as long to finish up ^^; ))
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Re: Lost...

((Congrats Tigs ^.^ *snugs* Luna is freakin gorgous, Foxx *luffsonher*))

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