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Oh my! It's a darling foal! Lumi thinks to herself. The darkunicorn doesn't move at all, she just stays nice and relaxed, chewing some grass, as the poor dear gets up looking ever so frightened.

While her first instinct was to get close and start mothering the foal, Lumi knew it probably would of run away. The darkuni instead swallows calmly and looks up at it.

"Hi, you all right?" she says in her gentlest most soothing voice. Lumi makes no move toward or away, though she was keeping one eye on the other two, who were nearby. She nuzzles some clover as if looking for another bite to eat. The darkunicorn was fairly sure that it was safe around here in any case, and wished to convey that message to the little one.
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Both serain and bonder blinked with confuseion as they both saw a young foal trip out and come into the light "Wow" Amanda had whispered never seeing such a serain like that ever before. She decided to walk out into the open with a smile as Verity followed looking at the young foal in pure amazement.
Both walked up slowly not to scare either and Amanda spoke first "Hello....I'm Amanda and this is Verity" she spoke in a soft gently voice and a happy smile. The girl looked towards the young foal again just amazed by the colors and how cute the foal was, which reminded her of Spirit. Verity wagged his short tail excitedly which looked rather odd for a horse wagging their tail like a dogs in some way. Amanda patted his back gently then she looked up at the other with a smile, she wanted to get a little closer but she fears the foal would run away so she just stayed where she was.
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Tig was wandering with one of her more distraught Serians, Frostbite, when she noticed a group forming around a poor nervous little mare. The sunlight hit the anthro female's hair brightly, making it sparkle a silver as beautiful as Frostbite's mane, only with hints of silver. Deep sapphire eyes smiled at the foal, and she pulled out a little flute-like instrument. Not meaning to intrude, but curious at to the newcomer, she lifted it to her lips.

"Prophet!" Frostbite explained to Tig in surprise, noticing the somewhat similar colour mixing of the mane and tail. But of course, it wouldn't be his, would it? Curious, she became silent and let Tig do as she would.

Taking in the sunlight and the soft summer air made her think of a start to a melody. The broken bush inspired a curious and playful hint to the tune, and the soft greenery and lush grass made it calming and serene. All in all it was a beautiful song, and Tig played it while looking at the foal, beckoning it with her eyes to come closer... when it had the opportunity. She wouldn't make a crowd around it, but rather, try to gain the curious and foalish interest and wait for it to come to her.

Frostbite didn't know if the idea was good and wanted to inch closer, but held back, she trusted her trainer. Somehow her woes were put aside with sudden interest and intrigue.


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(( Arg... so... tempted.... ))

Amaryllis had always enjoyed wandering. She didn't see other people very frequently, which she didn't mind at all; usually, she just took in the sights and sounds of nature. Hard as it was for her to blend in with ivory skin and long, silvery hair, she did her best.

Today, she had taken it upon herself to explore Sionayra. It was worth a bit of walking and quite a lot of traveling to see the beautiful Serians in their natural habitat. That was what she had been up to all day before she noticed a increasingly large group of people gathering around something in the distance. Curious and slightly alarmed, the girl crept forward, far too shy to make her presence known, but interested just the same.

When she was close enough to see the others, she strained her vibrant emerald eyes to catch a glimpse of what they were all so worried about. Finally, she saw it -- a beautiful little foal that appeared to have been interrupted from whatever it had been up to by a crowd of curious onlookers.

Twisting her long, thick braid absent-mindedly around her fingers, Amaryllis left the solace of the shadows, ignoring the heat of the sun as it struck her pale features. She was only several yards away from the others, and, as she walked closer, she could see the foal very clearly. What a beautiful little creature, she thought to herself as she finally reached the others. Her wide, alien eyes nervously darted back and forth, taking in the others around her, but she forced herself to drop her insecurities. They didn't seem like other people, who would judge her simply because she looked so different - why, most of them looked just as different as she did!

Putting these thoughts aside, she knelt down, smiling gently at the young Serian. "Are you lost, dear?" she asked in her soft voice.
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Arch's gaze had settled on the little foal, and he slowly walked towards it, attempting not to frighten it. Rainer had gone out for a while, so he figured he could wander around, and soon found this place.

He froze when he heard Tig playing, and a smiled flicked onto his muzzle. Chime's bonded, wasn't she? He flicked his gaze to the pair. He had never met the mare that was currently with Tig, but he didn't mind. Then his gaze flicked back to the foal. He'd have to agree with the mare on that one, it did look familiar.
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Sive observed the small foal from her spot, hidden in the shadows of a nearby tree. She had been watching the young one for awhile, and then the others had started to show, but she made no move toward it. She didn't want to frighten it, but it reminded her so much of Avalir when she had first seen him, quiet, cautious...

She smiled as the others entreated the foal, only the girl with the moon-colored serian copying her motion of not approaching the young one. The sound of the girl's flute carried on the wind, and she smiled, her golden eyes glinting in the sunlight. The little one had stumbled, but it would learn to pick itself up. She feared her help would cripple it.

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