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Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:01 pm
by Talia
((OOC: Silverdust, you seriously need to RP with us more often. The bromance bit made my day. :D And, as an aside, Shimmer and Galaxy would totally be up for a challenge with Brittle ;) Have I mentioned how amazing you guys are?))

--Gem and Talia--

Gem tried her best to manage a smile in reply to Frostbite,Vapor and Tinsel. The mares had been close friends of the “family” for years now, and the last thing that she wanted to do was to make them feel unwelcome.

“I’ve been managing,” she said to Frost, slightly evasive. Truth be told, she was rather miserable, but she wasn’t about to admit that to Frost. The mare had had enough on her plate for many years, or so she had surmised. Gem wasn’t about to taint her happiness by raining on her parade, sort to speak. She nodded at Tinsel, resisting the urge to giggle, despite her dreary mood. “I’ll… let Silver explain,” she said simply. “It was nice to see you both!”

Gem nodded in response to Path, feeling increasingly antisocial. Her previous bit of optimism was fading quickly. If only she had the option of escaping to the fields like Tatter and the others… not that she was particularly keen on being near him. It wasn’t that she disliked the current company either; rather, she just wanted a moment to be alone, to wallow, in essence. She knew that the others were concerned- they barely left her alone most days. But they were suffocating her, and she just wanted an opportunity to nurse her hurts in relative solitude.

“If you’ll excuse me,” she said to the group, with her best imitation smile, “I believe I’m needed elsewhere. I’ll leave the tour to Nymph.”

With that, and without waiting for a reply from the shy mare, she cantered off quickly before she could be coerced into explaining herself or her abnormal behavior.

What I need, she thought, is one good night of intoxication. Perhaps Breeze had the right idea of things.

She approached the vat with a certain degree of trepidation; she had never gotten drunk herself, but she had seen the effect that the stuff had had on others, and figured that it was exactly what she needed right now. She mimicked Breeze’s earlier trick and managed to procure a full bucket of the offensive looking liquid. She stared a moment at her reflection in the green rippling mess, noting her bedraggled appearance.

No matter, she thought, her golden eyes weary, it’s not like I’m looking to impress!

With that, she drank deeply before subtly surveying the two stallions that were surrounding her. Breeze already seemed two sheets to the wind, that much was for certain. He had a slightly glazed look in his eyes, and seemed to sway just the slightest bit. The corners of her mouth turned upwards involuntarily. The poor stallion would be lucky if he could stagger! The other she was unfamiliar with, but she knew that he had come in with the latest group of Serians. So he knew Web… for a moment, she considering speaking to him, but she dismissed the idea rather quickly. She wasn’t nearly drunk enough to be social. She took a couple more deep draughts, content to simply watch for the moment.


Talia beamed at her companions and gestured towards the cottage, trying her utmost to be the good little hostess.

“Feel free to come inside you two. I had originally intended for the green beer to be for bondeds only, but I’ve quickly come to the conclusion that that will not be the case tonight,” she added with a bright laugh. “None the less, grab a glass, enjoy yourself, and feel free to wander if you’d like.”

--Nymph, Karma, Bridle and Vision--

The timid little mare pranced nervously as Gem dismissed herself, anxious now that she was being left with the entire group. Karma continued to prattle on with whomever would listen, and was entirely no help at the moment. She smiled graciously at Path, her expression apologetic. She couldn’t believe that Gem would leave her alone like this!

“I’m sorry about her,” she said with a tiny, sheepish smile. “I would be more than happy to show you the area.”

She quickly turned her attention back to Frost, dipping her head in acknowledgment. “Yes, it is Nymph,” she replied shyly, pleased that someone had remembered her name. “It’s nice to meet you again too. I’d be happy to show you where… Oh!” she said, stopping short with a petite exclamation. “There he is!”

Bridle and Vision chose that moment to approach the large assortment of mares, both of the stallions drawn to the larger group by the sound of familiar voices. Both of the stallions’ ears perked visibly. With an overly loud whinny, Bridle galloped towards his mate, his hooves thundering against the ground during his approach. He nuzzled her happily, overly affectionate considering how long it had been since he had seen her. With a grin, he touched noses with Tinsel in greeting. The little mare might as well be a daughter to him, and had been since she and Silver became mates.

“It’s good to see you again love,” he said roughly to Vapor. “Do you know how long I’ve had to suffer through “Battleaxe” and “Chompers” from our son without your lovely interventions?”

He smiled warmly at the little mare, hiding behind his warrioress. “You are far too good for him Tinsel. He’s out back behind the cottage, no doubt getting himself into even more trouble. It is good to see you again.”

The reunion was interrupted briefly by Vision’s arrival, as he trotted up next to Bridle. He was fairly certain he had heard Frost’s voice nearby…

With a broad grin, he pinpointed her location and all but sprinted to greet her.

--Nip, SilverRain and Ovela--

The little filly snorted in derision and flicked her tail in a fit of pique. Drink of water? She’d take another sip of that green beer stuff any day, but water was the last thing she wanted if it meant that it would ruin her fun.

“I…” she began to protest, but was stalled suddenly by the appearance of her “guardian”. Eyes wide, she scurried closer to the all-too-available frame of Zephyr. No doubt she’d be in even more trouble if her father found out about her purposely evading Silver. She knew all she would have to do was flash her father a sincere smile and he’d forget all about reprimanding her but still…

She used such a technique on Zephyr now, hoping that it would work equally as well with the mischievous mare as it did with her father.

“The beer’s right this way,” she said with a wink, moving quickly so as to avoid an inevitable punishment. As she turned, she came face to face with Web. She stared unashamed at the dark mare, trying her best in her green beer induced haze to place her face. Finally coming to the obvious conclusion that she didn’t know her, she beamed brightly and shrugged.

“Hi!” she said simply, as she muffled a hiccup. “Are you here for the beer too?”


Nip, unlike her companion, had begun to slow as she rounded the cottage’s corner. She felt the sudden intake of air as SilverRain flashed by her, and she sighed in exasperation at his impulsive and reckless rush. As a result, she was able to see the approaching collision with a great degree of clarity. Instead of stopping him, she flicked her tail in amusement and stood back to watch the show.

Silver was, indeed, surprised. Chaos’ mad yell caught him completely off-guard; he snorted in surprise and tossed his mane, attempting to slow himself by digging his hooves into the ground. Unfortunately, one hoof caught in a slight dig in the earth, causing him to stumble and fall awkwardly. Also unfortunately, his bulk was crashing with such force that it looked as if he might collide directly with his friend, purely as a result of his accumulated momentum…

--Tatter and Mango--

Tatter glanced up from his relative quiet as he saw a familiar figure approaching the fields.


It had been quite awhile since he had seen the mare- well before he had even met Mango. He smiled a little, the expression relatively foreign to him. He always looked slightly pained when he smiled. At best, the more genuine ones better resembled a sarcastic smirk. None the less, the change had alerted his mate, who followed his gaze to the two mares, her expression slightly quizzical.

“Know them from somewhere?” she asked, amused. Rarely was Tatter’s interest ever piqued.
The stallion nodded. “They had come here previously, on another such occasion. Hellion is one of the few, aside from yourself, who I can identify with.”

And reasonably tolerate, he added as an afterthought.

He shrugged as best he could and nudged his mate. Out of all of the Serians in attendance, their company was perhaps the only company he would keep. The other mare was unfamiliar, but if she kept her company with Hellion, he had no doubt that he would be able to abide her presence as well.

He flicked his forelock out of his eyes with an irate snort. He’d give them the option to approach him, if they chose to do so. He had never been the type to initiate conversation.

--Galaxy and Shimmer--

Shimmer, ever the perceptive mare, felt eyes on her from afar. Casting about for the source, she spied a stallion off in the distance, closest to that vat of stuff that Talia had found oh-so-entertaining. Curiously, she appraised him, fascinated by his minor interest.

She didn’t know him, that much was for sure, yet she barely knew anyone here, so that was no surprise. She sensed something else in this stallion; a hidden wealth of strength perhaps? Could he be a warrior?

Hmm… a potential challenge, she thought with a smirk. She had always relished some good-natured fun, and the Serians in her family group, Galaxy aside, were barely able to hold up during the briefest of spars.

Best to wait, she thought. If the opportunity presents itself, I’d happily oblige. Besides, the longer he spends drinking, the more likely I am to succeed during any possible future match, provided that he doesn’t sober up.

Grinning to herself, she turned her attention back to Galaxy. The mare was approaching him now. She regarded the two of them with frank interest; she had never been able to identify with Galaxy’s apparent attraction to specific individuals.

This ought to be interesting, she mused, as she settled down to watch any surrounding events unfold.


Galaxy watched her approach out of the corner of his eye, somehow pleased that she had decided to join him. He hated to admit it, but he had been unusually curious about her since their meeting during that one snowy afternoon in the fields. Something about her called to him. She seemed hauntingly familiar. He had tried to explain this to Shimmer but to no avail; the mare could understand basic interests in others, but not to the same degree. He had thought, at first, that he was intrigued merely because she preferred her own company rather than that of others, like himself. That such a small similarity had been the only reason that he had been particularly inquisitive. Now he wasn’t so sure. He had heard Vision talk about Luna and her background, having heard it from his mate, Frostbite. She was… amazingly complex, or so he had concluded.

He smiled welcomingly at the mare, silver eyes flashing behind his cascading mane.

“Luna. Good to see you again,” he responded warmly. “I’m better, now that you’ve joined me,” he added, a bit of his old impish behavior shining through. He straightened and shook the hair out of his eyes, his figure silhouetted against the dimming sun. His star-spangled hide seemed almost to shimmer in the creeping twilight, as if his coat was drinking in energy from the newly appearing stars. He studied her, serious now.

“If you don’t mind me saying so,” he stated, quietly, “you seem troubled Luna.”

His newfound confidence made it easy for him to speak so candidly, but he hoped that he hadn’t overstepped some invisible boundary by asking after her. His intentions were pure- she seemed hurt, distracted, and if he could alleviate any of her pain by listening, he would.

((OOC: DEAD. >.< Soooo long! Sorry for the book!))

Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:46 am
by Songhue
Darroch jumped to the side playfully as Satomi caught up with him, flicking his tail with a grin. Good, she had come after all!

"Of course," he laughed, flicking his tail and making an effort to let it tickle over her side. "Your name was Satomi, right? What's that mean?"

And then Astarte was there, making him prance a bit. It was a party now, three foals together!

"Hey! I'm Darroch, and this is Satomi, I think, who are you? I like your horns, they remind me of Satomi's cheek things."

He grinned at them, brilliant and uninhibited, as he reveled in the moment of having found two new play mates. They were both quite interesting, the new one even had a hoof that was a different color than the rest!

"Hey, I bet we could have fun with Breeze by now. He went to look at some green stuff, and he's easy to play with any way." Darroch made the grass around his hooves grow in demonstration, letting it lift him into the air before jumping down with a contented snort. Messing with Breeze would be a lot of fun, and extra fun as these two would surely have more ideas than tickling the stallion's stomach with plants. So far, Darroch was best at altering the plants, making them grow, but actually changing them - their colors, rather they were strong or weak, sharpening them into blades - was something he had only recently begun to work with. His talent seemed to grow with him, so he used it constantly - mostly for pranks, to amuse himself with. Now he could amuse these two!

Breeze, meanwhile, had finally noticed that there was a couple others gathering around the green vat as well, making him give a mild snort. He could have sworn that that little green serian fairy just came out of his nose in a bubble and vanished with a pop, making him blink hard and laugh. This was quite a trip!

Part of him wanted to go talk to these others who had decided to taste this strange concoction, but he wasn't entirely sure what to say. It would sound so very logical if he just walked up and asked if they saw the little green fairy too. The thought made him snort out a laugh again and take another long drought from his bucket, planting his legs wide to help keep his balance.

Other than the tilting of the earth and the fairies that would appear and vanish, he didn't seem to be all that affected yet. Though he did hear giggling and hiccups just around the corner... What could that mean? Grinning to himself over the curious ponderings, he got himself his third bucket and settled in to drink, humming absently. He was superbly content. He had a feeling, however, that not everyone who tried this stuff would find themselves quite so happy - whenever his bonded got near alcohol she would giggle a bit and then simply curl up and cry. It was the only time he had seen the strangeling break down in the slightest, so he had steeled himself for the same results - only it wasn't happening that way for him. He was just blissfully content.

But then, maybe had hadn't had enough to drink, either. It usually took her several bottles before she reached that end result.

How many bottles were in a bucket? The thought made him giggle, snorting a little booze down the wrong pipe and surfacing with a hiccup. There was that fairy again! It was sitting right at the end of his nose, he swore it. Crossing his eyes, he tilted his head and locked his legs, struggling to keep from falling as his ears tilted curiously.

And then he blinked and it was gone. Snorting out another laugh, Breeze polished off his third bucket, stumbled slightly on his way for a refill, and turned to Talia as she gave the offer to sit in the cottage. He thought that sounded just fine - let's just see the fairy vanish while in a cottage! Oh, but there it was again, hovering behind Tal's left ear. Tricky little fairy... It better not sit on his face again, he'd catch it if it did!

Meanwhile, Path was smiling gently at the flustered looking Nymph, stepping forward to fall in line beside her. The approaching party seemed to have broken off and began to wander on their own, foregoing the meet and greet at the official entrance, so Nymph wouldn't be in charge of showing all that many around. Path was honestly eager for a little tour of the place - a lot of effort had been put into the decorations, obviously, and she wanted a good look around before she settled into socializing properly.

That was what she focused on, at least. There was a quiet twinge of ache in her heart as Bridle and especially Vision came up to greet their mates, making her social facade crack for a moment. She hung her head and looked at the ground, grinding her teeth against the pain - her mate had yet to meet their son and by all indications he wouldn't see the lad before he had fully grown. She loved that stallion more than anything, he had helped her to be comfortable with herself and played her prince charming to her olden times maiden outlook - but this kind of pain made her want to beat him within an inch of his life. He was gone so often, for so long, and when he did return he left again after some brief cuddling.

She was just about fed up with it, to be perfectly honest. She knew she could love no other, that if they were together, if they lived in the same realm even, it would be better. But at the moment, she wanted to scream in misery and shatter a tree from all the pent up emotion.

Songhue quickly covered for her, suddenly quite apt at playing social as she gave Path a moment to recover from her little slip. She understood her view of things, but she also knew that Pixie's bonded hadn't been able to let anyone out of her realm for some time, including the new foal that was born to Flit and Thor. Path wasn't the only one suffering.

"Come then, let it be that we walk and talk, for there art things to see as well as faces to greet. Nymph, my dear, if ye would be so kind as to show us thy paths around this lovely place? And surely there be food awaiting, as well as music as merry as thy decorations. It shan't do to linger here upon thy doorway when there is such merriment to be had beyond!"

Maybe she had learned something from Path after all. In any case, she smiled kindly and started towards the cottage, hoping to kick things off properly. Either way, she was sure that both she and her mate would need a nice, hot soak in the springs whence she returned - him after a day with their young one, her after a day of pressuring herself to conquer her insecurities.

That was neither here nor there, however. For the moment, she had a bonded to watch out for - more than one, if the glimpse she caught of Breeze standing spread-legged and cross eyed was any indication. What had that stallion gotten in to now? And where had Darroch wandered off to in his explorations... Goddess knew the last thing she needed was another accidental land slide at a time like this.

OOC| Oh, you're fine! You're all amazing. :heart: It was almost forgotten, how much fun this could be!

Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:58 pm
by Vineda
Vineda chuckled loudly as she got closer to the commotion. There were serians everywhere! Shamrock was in his highest spirits yet, prancing around and making his namesake plants grow here and there and everywhere. He'd been so excited about the party he talked the others into a "divide and conquer" battle plan of sorts. She sighed and shook her head, starting off on her own in the direction of a few other human bondeds.

As Shamrock entered the area, the first serians he spotted seemed to be outliers of the group.. A dark mare, rather childlike for some reason, and another with pretty unique coloration- red and green with a purple mane and tail. Not too far off was an orange mare with a lovely purple tail and a lavender and black stallion with rather pointy-looking spikes. Hmmm. He slowed to a walk, perking his ears and looking friendly. Always pretty social by nature, he'd learned from his bond-brothers that usually those on the outskirts were avoiding the socializing. Shame. Both groups looked like pretty unique pairs. A simple greeting couldn't hurt, could it? "How's it going?" An easygoing bob of his head invited either response or the simple decline to answer.

Oak ended up stumbling over to the figure that had been pictured out in the fire for him by his bonded, a slightly uncomfortable Talon in tow. This had to be the notorious Songhue and her bonded Path. She looked a bit bothered at the moment, he noticed with a furrowed brow. "You are the lady Path, mother of young Darroch, no?" Talon searched the faces around him, quite sure he was in over his head.

Avalanche emerged around the side of the cabin to find a small group of serians acting rather oddly... Oh, wait. He sniffed as he passed a yellowish fellow he'd seen somewhere before. Perhaps a long time ago. He shrugged. He also realized just what everyone was doing. Grabbing himself a bucket and filling it, he prepared to join in. Blue eyes flitted from the first bloke to the red stallion - a Warrior - and finally settled on the yellow mare with a painful look on her face. He too stared into the green concoction, lost in thought for a moment. Normally in a situation like this he'd dive right in, but now he just couldn't dredge up the motivation. All of a sudden he was surrounded by others and he just didn't have the energy for any of it. He hunkered down anyway and took a small swig of the junk.

Coal and Fancy strolled in together, joining Talon in being slightly skeptical of Shamrock's plan. Entering separately and mingling right from the getgo was a challenge, to say the least. The first serians they encountered were bite-size, just their luck. Coal looked on broodingly but Fancy stopped a moment to watch the foals cavort. A small giggle escaped as she wondered if their parents knew they were out romping, and she moved on quickly, knowing the foals would have more fun without a grown-up watching. Coal steered them toward the center of the activity with a sigh, wondering what the rest of the party would hold in store... Blue orbs rolled covertly. Introductions could be so awkward sometimes.

Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 3:11 pm
by Talia
((OOC: I'll respond to you guys as soon as both Silverdust and Tigs have an opportunity to reply. :) I know both are really busy with life, school, etc. :) ))

Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 3:28 pm
by Vineda
That was actually the deciding factor when i was debating whether or not to join in... I didn't want to jump in and slow it down, as school butts in entirely too often. The pace seemed slow enough for me to keep up with, though, so I figured it would be alright.

..ramble, ramble..

i.e., take your time guys :P

Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Posted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:13 pm
by Songhue
OOC| I'm gonna keep things moving - it's a party, right? People mix, mingle and fade in and out constantly, so there's no rush or worry. Just whenever life is less hectic and a chance presents itself, but for now the rest of the party goes on. :)

BIC| Path blinked and lifted her head as a new stallion spoke to her directly, her expression instantly clearing. Forcing thoughts of her mate back wasn't an easy task, but it was possible after a moment. She, like her bonded, reacted in a rather harsh manner to pain, much like any feral.

At first glance, as she blinked her eyes back into focus, she thought a massive bird and - was that a tree?? - stood before her. As the image of her mate was replaced by what actually stood before her, however, she quickly came to recognize a pair she had heard of before.

"Aye, good sir, and ye would be known as Oak, correct? And the beaut of a stallion behind ye - you would be called Talon?"

She offered a bright smile, flicking an ear as she pushed her aches down. She could still look at her son and feel pride, at the least. When she started to look at Darroch and feel anger because of her mate, then she would need to deal with things. For now, it was a party - this was a time to come together in celebration and meet new faces!

"M'lady bonded learned of ye from others, and 'twas from her that your names reached my ears. Have you had the chance to look around, as of yet? It would be quite the pleasure to walk with ye."

All the same, she pointedly avoided looking at the happy couples.

Songhue felt for the mare and with a flick of her wings stepped closer, resting her hand on Path's whithers as a distraction. She hadn't been spoken to directly as of yet, so she took the moment in silence. Some bondeds preferred the company of other serians to those they bonded with, and while her friend had mentioned each of these two before her and she was sure this wasn't the case, she decided it would be best to allow them to make the first move. As it was, she blended in as best as she could, quietly feeding strength to her beloved Path.

Catching sight of Vineda was enough to break her stillness an instant later, making her lift her hand in silent greeting as a grin broke across her face.

Hail unto thee, dear friend and hearth-sister, and rather this be heard or not know that ye are recieved with good will.

This party might be exactly what Path needed, after all.

Breeze was also shifting gears, hiccuping quite loudly now as he looked about the cottage. That little fairy seemed to be everywhere and nowhere all at once - firmly reassuring him that his limit had been discovered. Well that had been fun, and he would be all for continuing a drunken adventure later on, but for the moment he had the task of his first social gathering ahead of him. Now that this had been messed with it was time to find something else.

Starting with that pond just over yonder ways. Cold water, he had heard, would do wonders. If he could make it there - he wobbled quite badly, unable to suppress a giggle as the ground swayed dangerously.

The good thing was that it helped him in jumping into the water; one minute he was stumbling his way over, the next he was falling face-first into the shallows. A gasp of surprise made him swallow quite the mouthful as the chill liquid crashed over his fur, giving him goosebumps in ways that no wind had ever managed.

"Woo! Now that'll wake you up!"

Shaking off, he jumped to his feet and took another long drink, somewhat surprised to find his head throbbing slightly. The shock coupled with a stomach full of water would help, but he shouldn't be stuck with the after effects until he woke up.

Then again, he was a serian and all such creatures had at least a touch of magic.

With a snort he stretched and turned back towards the party, glancing around for something interesting. It was found in short order, as he spotted an odd group not that far off that seemed to have a lot of yelling going on. One fellow seemed to be hollering, while another was falling and in the midst of it all there were two mares and what seemed to be a spark of a foal.

That was as good a place to start as any! Trotting his way over, Breeze had to grin to himself, enjoying the feel of the sun as it helped dry him. This party had started not all that long ago and already there was great entertainment.

Trailing in from the side while Breeze went to see what was going on yonder ways came another figure, a brilliant green mare who's tail seemed to drag the ground a little more than was absolutely called for. She had wanted to stay behind and for a while she had succeeded. She remembered a quick outing on her own, but the scene cut short in her head after a while; there were far too many things that did that, lately. Whenever her bonded was near she caught the strangeling eying her uncertainly, almost as if wondering how she would react.

Frolic was beginning to wonder about things. Gaps in memory and having a bonded that would sit nearby for hours, watching and seemingly at a loss, made her worry. At least for a bit - then the moment was lost, along with many other such things, and she perked her tail, trotting briskly towards the gathering. What was that over there, near the cottage; others seemed to have gathered there readily enough, without active socializing. That felt about right. It felt even better when she caught the scent of the green liquid. For a moment she felt that it would be a fun social event, to simply stand around and drink with the others.

And then, as she got her bucket filled and caught sight of her reflection in the rippling liquid, the thought was lost and she simply dunked her head in, drinking deeply. She wasn't sure who had brought her the bucket or how she had found herself around these others, but the liquid seemed a good idea. Maybe she could drink herself into sleeping properly, for once.