Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

For Serian couples and more intimate RPing.
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Re: Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

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While Darroch took his moment of quiet joy, Breeze did what he was best at; provided a distraction. Path was still far too occupied for anyone to start asking her how she was holding up, and in his opinion things had been far too serious this time anyway.

“Do you think any of the unbondeds are having much luck in repairing things?”

“Probably – there are many left in the harsh lands of the abandoned.”

“I doubt it, personally. Bonding gives us strength to maintain this area with very little thought, almost naturally with just the magics in our blood. Our presence alone is nearly all that’s needed.”

“That doesn’t mean they aren’t starting to be just as successful.”

“I agree with Sarge, actually. Opening your senses is enough to let you almost smell the turmoil beyond these borders, like an illness in a way.”

“Maybe if everyone were to find a bonded the healing would be complete.”

“Nevermind that sugar, if it’s our presence that does it this stronghold might be in danger.”

“I have seen very few while wandering.”

“There hath been little to share after our solitary walks in these lands.”

“Though it has been good for uninterrupted meditation and introspection.”

“In any case, the winds so speak of change, though not when.”

“And who tells you that, your little charms?”

“That would be chimes, thank you vereh much, and wind just so happens to enjoy playing with such thangs.”

“You used to irritate me with that sugar, but it makes sense now.”

“What does?”

“The accents sugar, the charms, the random overwhelming desire to fly.”

“So, basically, you.”

It was funny how easily a casual conversation could switch around. And a little startling.

“Really, Gypsy? I mean I used to understand you Horsefeathers, or seemed to – thought you were like I used to be, nothing but games to keep the mind quiet. Now you simply confuse me.”

Well. Crap.

“Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone’s called you out to explain before.”

“That’s because he’s never around long enough. He wanders more than I do sug.”

“Good thing I’ll be accompanying you if your wanderings are comparable to his; you’ll need a good judge of character.”

Breeze relaxed just a little, hoping he sensed another shift in conversation. Flint was right when he said nobody had called him out before; and that was just how he liked it. He wanted to be able to flow freely in and out of the conversation, teasing a thought or playing with his shifting accents. This made him feel more than a little cornered.

Yet Tribe merely gave Flint a fierce ‘don’t you dare’ glare – with slightly more than a hint of smirk – and then nearly made Breeze’s heart stop.

“Well you’re here now sugar, so get to explaining. You talk about travels and the winds, but that doesn’t answer anything. What’s going on with you sugar? Haven’t you settled in happily?”

The rest of that question remained unsaid, yet weighed heavily in the air: or are we not good enough for you?

After all, even the wandering gypsy mare had calmed enough to really have a chance to set roots in this new home.

Breeze was silent a moment, half opening his wings as some lame excuse jumped to the tip of his tongue and he prepared to make a break for it. What stopped him was essentially feeling a low, warning growl in his head.

His bonded.

Not talking was not an option.

He would have to let himself become tied to them.

Striving to master his sudden panic, he resettled his wings and finally spoke in his own voice, though somberly.

“Even Shine didn’t call me out, though she did make me get used to her. Even that much was hard, to have her always watching nearby. The lack of change disturbs me.”

“We’re your bondmates, not your bonded. You have to talk to us.”

“To sit and watch tells us naught.”

“Don’t keep us out. We’re here, always will be – and that’s another thing you’ll have to get used to.”

“I guess I just don’t like roots. I don’t even like others to really know me well, to have my identity pegged down.”

“That’s kind of obvious as we have to drag even that much out of you.”

“Wait, is that why you’re so insistent about the accents?”

“That’s very insightful, sugar.”

“I’ve been there; I know about using different masks, not wanting to get too settled or comfortable.”

“It’s paid off; you’re right. I never gave it much thought, but you’re right.”

“Well is the plight of Firefly remembered; by my thinking ‘tis a fair bit more ye’ve yet to think of.”

“When you obsess over such small things as having anyone know you beyond accents, you’re doing more than flowing free or even hiding; you’re running.”

“It’s no big deal; I just don’t like to be tied down.”

“When this makes you feel cornered – just having those that care about you trying to understand – when that much is enough to make you feel cornered, it sort of is a big deal.”

“No it isn’t! Not really. I just want to be free. Even having y’all care is too much tying me down.”

“And just how do you figure that?”

“Because I can’t just up and leave for weeks without someone worrying. You want to know me, know how I think? I think I don’t want to be tied to anyone, I don’t want anyone to be a real part of my life, and I don’t want to be tied into theirs.”

“Too bad. That’s exactly what you got. Deal with it.”

“We aren’t going to hurt you, Horsefeathers. You can get comfortable with these ties again and still drift around as a free spirit.”

“None shall break thy bonds of the heart.”

“Just listen to us a minute.”

“You don’t have to be ready to disappear at any given minute.”

“You ain’t alone, sugar.”

“And you don’t have to try and force others away to stay safe.”

“Let us get to know you. Nobody’s going to ground you, but we aren’t going anywhere either. None of us are.”

“The amount of insight here is disturbing.”

“A lot of us have been there, like Firefly said. We understand.”

“So you can stop running now, dude.”

“There ain’t no leavin tha’s gonna happen ta be ready fer.”

“I’ll try. I can promise that much.”

“That’s all we’re asking.”

“The same as Shine asks each of us.”

“Alright, alright. Jeeze, what are ya’ll, joined at the hip?”

“Might as well be, boyo.”

Everyone laughed as Sparkle mimicked Breeze’s favorite accent. It was just enough to break the tension; Breeze was now officially part of the family. He simply couldn’t hide from it any longer.

Honestly, he didn’t think he would mind.

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Re: Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

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"It is interesting to think of, how much you've gone through, Firefly. You've been here the longest, have the most history."

"Much hath passed for thee, 'tis true. Ye seem to have reached a state of peace, compared to thy previous problems."

"There is some peace, if I think of the trouble of having to grow up and face everything I ran from. It was hard to admit the truth to myself."

"Everyone copes in their own ways sugar. It's always rough at first."

"But you said there's only 'some' peace. You're still unsettled about something?"

"That's hard to imagine. You have a wonderful life, Firefly, one many would envy. What more could you want?"

"My mate."

Sparkle shrugged, trying half heartedly to pass this off as a minor problem. Things had shifted now, that was impossible to miss, and he could understand why Frolic would have started reflecting on his time and history; after all, he had been the one to recognize Breeze's flighty tendencies, the one who remembered the mental problems that could come from such a rough shifting. In a way he envied Frolic her pain; she, at least, had a solid past, a true history. She longed to heal her family now that she herself was healing, had something tied to her already; there was really no room to be afraid of growing attached to someone only to lose them as well.

Sign, unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately - saw passed the shrug, perhaps even saw these flickering thoughts.

"You miss her more than you admit to. And if I recall, only she can help you when your history begins to weigh heavy. When will you see her again?"

"I have absolutely no idea. Whenever she can get away, I suppose."

"That has to suck. I've seen you go ga-ga eyed over her."

"'Tis a blessing that Mist was not receptive to thy advances."

Sparkle winced at the mention of Mist, still a source of some embarrassment for him. He hadn't been a good match for her at all on some levels; on others, he was. She had simply been too innocent to consider a relationship, to even notice his interest in all honesty; he had been too innocent to consider that his love might not be returned. It had devastated him, eventually led to a savage anger born of his pain and shame, enticing him to attempt to dive into battle whenever she was around in an effort to impress, if nothing else.

Only amber had healed him. Playing with her, racing through the woods, splashing through the lake, the games of tag, the nights she stayed up with him while he trembled from the shadows and let him lead her to secret coves for sweet, tender love. She had become his world when she surprised him by making her own advances. She even stayed with him as he stopped using a foal's guise to flee from ever settling or growing comfortable; had no choice, now that she had given him a safe place to believe in. If he lost all else he would have her still; it didn't all have to be a meaningless game that kept anyone from becoming more than a play mate.

And to be honest, that was why he had wanted Mist, more than her beauty or grace; she was sweet, would make a good play mate, and a safe choice of mate. But she had also been the wrong choice, and far from ready to choose a companion.

"The blessing is that such a wonderful mare as Amber would welcome me into her life. The curse is having it be so limited."

"You really love this mare, don't you?"

"Desperately. Every second without her is like breathing thorns, though when she's near all I know is bliss. The pain is in the waiting. I need her."

"You two seem so happy... I never thought of the other side of that, how hard it must be to be denied the connection you've built.

"Not many do, if they're allowed to see the joy that a true mate can bring. The longer the wait, the more unsatisfying the meeting, then the worse the pain, the easier it is to see. When there's bliss, however..."

"Thus it is noticed, the healthy love betwixt two souls and thy dreams of the next encounter."

"The deeper the love, the sharper the pain. I have a long history, Tiger Lily, yes, and a long faithful mate who helps me to lead our own circle. I've run from my uncertainties by keeping everything as nothing more than a meaningless game, been haunted by half-glimpsed memories in the dark of the night and nightmares of feeling the sensation of abandonment, I've struggled through facing my own demons and accepting my fear of trusting or growing comfortable, I've passed a foaling season without young and gathered my own circle of the Cherished Dreams into existence. I've fought with Path and had her become one of my closest friends, and watched Sign cry over the strong stallion she needed leaving her behind time and time again. And I've watched you - all of you - come into the lands of our bonded and begin your own healing. But it doesn't matter. All that matters is Amber. All I need is Amber, all I dream of is Amber, all my joy comes from Amber."

"I don't think I've ever heard you say so much at once."

"I don't normally let it bother me so much. Thinking of how she makes me happy keeps the worst of it away."

"I don't know how you do it sugar."

"It's not easy. But I'll see her again, when it's the right time. And when I do all the pain will be forgotten; as well as most of my ability to speak if I'm to be honest. I'll be a grinning baboon floating in a sea of Ecstasy, and soaking up every last moment."

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Re: Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

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OOC| Bored, can't sleep, dreaming of my lil Darroch all grown up, massively excited about this place showin life again, ect. Don't mind me.

BIC| It was with a snort and a nearly savage shake of his head that Flint brought everyone's attention back to him. The general blanket of murmurs stopped as all eyes turned to the most assertive among them, the leader whenever Songhue was away.

And a long pause followed.

There were no more things of which to speak. The only ones who had yet to openly share were Frolic and Path, and neither of them had things with which to contribute. Path spent her time dancing with her son or else wandering wherever the light shone, enjoying the little treasures she would often find gleaming in her golden fields. She visited the others frequently - all save for Sign and Tribe, because of her intense fear of deep water. Ever since those horrible dolphin friends of Peace...

Frolic, meanwhile, simply had nothing to contribute. When she had first arrived things had fallen into place within her at a breakneck pace, a requirement for her to mend her sanity and adjust to rebonding. She missed her family still, and remained fairly solitary and restless within her rain forest. While she had been forced to gather the splintering edges of her sanity in order to survive while she adjusted, she was still healing from her ordeal; the only one who was more of a rarity than her was Breeze, and that matter had already been addressed. He'd be actively sought out if he didn't volunteer to be one of the group more than he had.

Even Tribe felt a shift within her as everyone quieted. She looked at Flint - and for a moment he looked back. And this time she didn't look away or grant even a hint of a smile. It had been fun to indulge for a moment - to enjoy the attentions, to toy with the idea of playing back and forth in the game that had just tried to begin. But she was not a youngling mare any more. If anything, rather than too mature for such nonsense she was simply too old for it.

Let Flint chase his spark and passion in such a game, but let him play it with another.

He frowned as she met his gaze and held it. It was with a sigh that he accepted the truth, although it was slightly and unnoticed by those that didn't know to look for it - everyone other than Frolic and Sparkle, who had seen the signs of the game beginning in the first place. Suddenly, as they finished their sharing, Tribe had recognized a moment of no return. If she allowed this to continue - allowed a true start to take hold - she would have to see it play out to its end. It was not a prospect she found appealing. There was no flirt, no tease, and no submission as they awaited the major announcement for their gathering.

"Now that we have settled our hearts, it's time to properly welcome our new bond-mates, as they're settled and comfortable in their new homes. I know that for me, personally, the gathering around the bonfire for those first nights while I connected with each new bond-mate made a large difference. Let us grant them the same as each of we have enjoyed."

It was quite a bitter taste, the swallowing of his pride to know when Tribe was serious about cutting off their toying before it began. It was also hard to admit to how precious those days of feast and fire had been, cold as he had been to the others at the time. Flint was not, under typical circumstances, a very gentle stallion; yet at times, he was required to be exactly that in order to prove himself a good leader. That had been a particularly difficult and blatantly painful lesson for him to learn; that he had to prove himself a good leader and earn the role his natural dominance placed him in.

And after a breath more he let the moment pass, releasing the bitterness of having to swallow his pride on multiple layers. And they called to their new bond-mates.

Seconds passed in silence as the summons rang in their joined minds and then began to fade. Everyone looked to the same place at the same time a mere blink before the new pair stepped through the trees, the silence laying thick as they came to stand within the circle.

Blowing softly, Flint stepped forward as they stopped and brushed his nose against their necks, first Nova and then Shiro, in order of importance within their group.

"We welcome you."

And a cry broke out, a great cheer ringing and laughing and rolling as everyone broke into a sudden gallop, whirling around the pair in sheer joy. Within a moment or two Nova let out a great shriek of a whinny, her golden hide glimmering as she leaped into the fray behind Path, as was her place in dominance. A heartbeat passed before Shiro joined behind Sign, marking himself as the least aggressive.

As his hooves left the center of the circle and their cries and laughter rolled higher and louder, a spark jumped over the grass where he had just been standing. Then another and a third, and finally a particularly large one rose up and spiraled around a great bonfire as it shimmered into place, the wood popping merrily.

At the top, the large spark circled once and then flickered and faded out.

None of them fully understood the simple bit of magic, nor did they need to. They only knew that the only time they could work such wonders were when they were all together and drawing upon the ties to their bonded; with such limitations, further understanding seemed rather meaningless.

"Glimmer!" Frolic nickered merrily, leaping out of the circle to nip Nova on the flank before dashing back into her place. "I shall call you Glimmer, for the silver-purple specks which trail from your cheek."

"Sushi!" Declared Breeze, elicting a great laugh as he flapped his way around Sign to ruffle Shiro's mane.

"Romeo," countered path, dashing out to prance a quick, tight circle around the stallion in particular, For none are so full of love as you!"

Pleased with themselves, the group thundered to a stop and looked at each other across the dancing flames, each of them smiling and panting. The newcomers had been properly nicknamed - they had been accepted as siblings, granted private titles of affection as brother and sister. In the case of Shiro - or properly Shiro Suisei, although if they must speak a true name around others they would merely use Shiro - two nicknames and even a nickname for his true name.

It was time for the next stage of their welcoming celebration.

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Re: Fire and Water, Sparks of Confusion {Self RP}

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OOC| Restless again.

BIC| Everyone milled together, pawing the ground and shuffling their weight around as they cooled from their run. Darroch, in particular, was so excited that he couldn't stop himself from making the logs in the fire flash dozens of different shades.

He was still young; full control over his abilities had yet to be mastered. Small incongruities such as this were common - and he was frequently frustrated by the fact that he was currently limited to changing the outer appearance of a plant.

Nova and Shiro, of course, had no reason to know this yet and wound up shying away from the flames for a moment, a harsh snort of surprise coming from the mare before Flint stepped forward.

"Peace," he commanded, and as he placed force in his voice it became clear why he was regarded as the strongest among their group. "It's only the sapling GreenHorn. Romeo, there are none here you feel you would challenge for right to take charge if needed?"

"Oh gracious, no," Shiro grinned, flicking his tail with a jaunty little twist of his rump. "I can support them when they do step up and take care of what needs doing, however!"

A light chuckle followed this, and Frolic even let out a nicker of amusement. Shiro was so sweet as to be downright adorable at times.

"And Glimmer? Our bonded has discerned you to be a very strong mare, indeed, challenging all but myself and Path for the rights of guidance."

"The one that is best suited for the task should partake in heading the trail to ensure others may safely pass."

"And you are best suited," Darroch called, elicting a quick glance.

"I am."

Their was a pause - however brief - where they all seemed to hold their breath, a chance for someone to come forth and declare themselves a more assertive Serian. None took it - it was clear beyond all doubt that Nova was a fierce mare and would naturally take over in almost any given situation.

And then, seemingly at the same exact moment, everyone broke into talking.

Shiro used the opportunity to take advantage of something he had noticed, quietly sidling along beside Breeze and nudging the other stallion's shoulder as he asked Tribe if she would drag Nova out of her home to explore a little with her.

"Both of 'em seem sound o' mind, grant ye; neither appear to have such issues as many others had, meself included mind, as I tried to resist having bonded. Seems they simply need that period where they grow comfor- Oi, allo there Sushi!"

"Why hello!" Shiro laughed, and gave his mane a quick toss before adding, "I believe Glimmer wishes to speak with you for a moment, dearheart."

"You betcha. Be right back, me lovelies."

And with a wink and a flick of his swishing, layered tail, Breeze trotted over to where the mare stood explaining the plantlife of her home to Darroch.

It was a party, after all, so mingling and talking was more than expected - and from somewhere in the backs of their minds, many thought they heard the saxophone of their Bonded tickling notes in the air.

It wasn't hard for Shiro to creep up on the other side, therefore, and nudge Darroch slightly away from the others while Breeze engaged Nova.

"I've some mischief in mind, Greenhorn, and I need your help for it. Can I count on you?"

"'Bet yer boots,' as Shine would say!"

Shiro laughed at that and brushed his muzzle against the little stubs of horns on the colt's head - stubs that were getting steadily longer as he approached the size of a full grown stallion.

"Here's my plan," Shiro confided, thoroughly enjoying the grin that spread over the youngling's face as he listened.

Moments later, as Breeze greeted Nova he couldn't help but notice the gentle breeze that seemed to spring up as the cool air around his form collided with the sun-warmed aura around Nova. And the grass seemed a bit greener, all of a sudden, the trees seemed to sway without aid of a wind...

He had been eyeing her since her arrival. She was beautiful, yes, and she had wings as well, but more importantly there seemed to be a substance to her. It was the only way he could think of it - there was substance to her.

"Greetings, fair lady, and might I ask after your health on this finest of evenings?"

Somehow, as the fire glinted in her dark orbs, he found himself disregarding his typical frivolous accents and approaching her in sincerity. This wasn't a mare to yank around, of that he had no doubt.

And the moment itself seemed to demand it, with the underbrush darkening outside their circle of light even as the patches under her silver-purple hooves gleamed brighter. The area around her almost seemed to glow, an effect which surprised him; he hadn't been aware of having such an intense focus for her.

Meanwhile, Darroch nearly giggled himself silly as he lent added vitality to the area around Nova, heightening the focus of light as everything gleamed fuller and brighter than before.

"Look at his face," Darroch chortled, nearly squirming where he stood, "He's completely captured!"

"He's been staring since we came," Shiro confided, absently giving a fond ruffle to the colt's mane as he smiled in encouragement, "And company would do them both good, from what I hear. Let's see if we can help their hearts become whole again!"

"It's well enough," Nova nickered, apparently pleasantly surprised with Breeze's candor. "I had thought you would be one to spend the evening chasing Sparkle in circles with such games as flying tag. Or have I been misinformed?"

"Nah, you heard right," Breeze admitted, smiling as Nova seemed to suddenly look at him with a little more intensity, "I like to make light of things, when I have a chance. You don't seem the type to garner such frivolity, however."

That elicited a blink of surprise - nobody had given any indication that Breeze had any sort of developed vocabulary. And was everything - every blade of grass, every leaf in the trees - swaying ever so slightly around him, as if his very presence elicited a merrily dancing breeze?

"Hardly," She conceded, and offered him a slight smile of appreciation. "Path tells me it's a precaution."

"I seem to be growing out of it, however. It may be my period of adjusting... Becoming comfortable with it again simply took longer than others. Yet what of you - Frolic tells me that you've taken to your new lands incredibly well."

"Oh they're simply perfect," Nova gushed, and then caught herself with a blink, blushing slightly at the sudden force of affection that had entered her voice. "I always was a hard mare; a tough one. All that matters is what I have now, as far as I'm concerned."

"Would you mind showing me around your new home, then? Perhaps tomorrow, after we're both well rested. I'd enjoy seeing the part of our realm that represents you, and I'd be glad to return the favor."

"I'd enjoy that," she smiled, and took a half step closer, looking at Breeze in a new manner. Under the accents and games he used to keep himself detached, it seemed he was a sound enough stallion. He'd caught her intrigue.

"I hear you have these things in your trees called wind chimes you're particularly fond of. Would you show me them?"

"Only if you show me this grass that grows from above the ground," Breeze grinned, and Nova let out a laugh - a sweet, high feminine laugh that sent a thrill down his spine at the pure essence of female it contained.

"Deal," she said, and gave his nose a quick nudge. "I look forward to getting to know you, Breeze; better than many others have, apparently, as I am not one to tolerate deflections."

"And I know better than to insult you with them."

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