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New Territory

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 6:47 pm
by Songhue
While Breeze and Nova cavorted around his mountain peaks and stirred the newfound sparks between them, Flint had found himself staring down their bonded when the gathering had broken apart. Others had joined before the end of it - two stallions by the name of Thyme and Caelum. They had repeated the welcoming process before returning to their party, eating, talking and dancing to the music that came from everywhere and nowhere, a product of their bonded's meddling for sure.

That same meddling bonded had cut him off as he had attempted to leave once the festivities ended, Shiro tagging along behind her. Flint had eyed her with something akin to trepidation; she was the only one that could get away with frankly telling him what to do, and she had the old familiar spark in her eye. She was not going to go easy on him.

"Take Shiro and walk the Vale for a while."

It was an order, not a request, so he knew better than to question her... Though he wanted to. She knew something.

Shrugging it off, he stepped up and allowed his shoulder to brush against the new stallion's wing as their bonded disappeared in a whirl of autumn breezes. The stallion seemed to be decent enough company, regardless.

"I hear your home is similar to this," he said, offering Shiro a disarming smile.

"Somewhat, and still so different," he answered, smiling in turn. "Yours is a desert, isn't it?"

"In a way. There are more colors in the sands than many hold in the entirety of their coats."

"That suits you, I think," he grinned, and Flint found himself softening at the playful tease in the other's voice.

"And how do you figure that," he countered, sidling over and bumping against his flank, earning himself a nip along his whithers.

"Harsh, but with a certain beauty if you can look close enough."

"That seems a fair observation. And yours, it suits you. Entirely accommodating and all too peaceful."

"It almost sounds like a bad thing."

"No, no, never a bad thing. You are... Special."

Flint found his heart skipping, tripping in the steady rhythm as they walked and talked. They wound up in the shelter of the trees, a soft bed of old leaves laying around them as the sky overhead ceased to exist.

"I could see myself with someone like you," Flint admitted, absently resting his chin on the other's back while he considered the differences in their homes. "Someone soft and kind and able to see beyond a harsh surface."

"I could see myself with someone like you as well, funnily enough," Shiro whickered, and then froze as Flint stiffened and moved away. Did he think...?

"That is-" he started, and then stopped cold as a blossom suddenly appeared under his nose, the stem clutched tenderly in Flint's muzzle.

"Why wait," he asked, eyes bright in the gloom under the trees. "I've been lonely, Shiro, and I can admit it. I'd rather not wait for someone like you... Not if I can simply have you. If you go that way?"

"I.. I suppose I'm open to it," he stammered, accepting the blossom that the silver stallion wove into his gray mane with hardly a flick of an ear. "I always thought it would be a mare to sweep me off my hooves, though."

"You can't be half as surprised as I am," Flint admitted, and nuzzled the other's neck with a grin. "I imagine our bonded knew before either of us, as she set this little walk up. The others are going to be stunned."

"I'd rather wait to tell them," Shiro grinned, and turned to tuck himself under Flint's chin, "just while I'm still processing it myself. I barely got myself a new home, after all, and now I have a stallion for a mate."

"Would you want a mare as well," Flint asked, fluffing the other stallion's mane with a small grin. "I can accept the possibility of it."

"Would you want a mare," Shiro countered.

That earned him a long, thoughtful silence. Finally; "No. I'm happy enough to have you, I think. Especially if you're as... open as you claim."

Blushing furiously, Shiro merely nipped at Flint's ear for a moment, struggling to find words again as he floundered. He was always the romantic - nobody had ever pursued him before. "I am open," he finally managed, "though I would like to be a stallion once in a while as well, if you catch my meaning."

"I don't see why not, at least every now and again," Flint grinned, and chuckled as Shiro blushed even deeper and whickered quietly.

"I think we should stay at your place for a while," he said, and grinned when he got Flint to blush this time. "There has to be a fair few oasis that others can't find."

"I know of a couple. We could honeymoon for a month if you wanted."

"Not quite that long, I think," Shiro nickered, and gave Flint's shoulder a nudge, indicating for him to lead the way as his mind spun with shock.

"But you never answered," the silver stallion said with a raised brow, "would you want mares as well?"

"Right now, I don't think I would. I just want to hide in your secret havens and be yours."

Flint could only smile.

At least he had been right. She had known something, that bonded of theirs.

OOC| I know this seems sudden - and random - but that's how it happened, I swear. I knew Shiro could possibly be open to both, but then, quite suddenly, Flint turned out to have a thing for Shiro - and he was willing to act on that something - and Shiro was receptive to the whole thing! It was just... My brain, it imploded. I had to have the mess spill in here. XD Flint... My Flint. Who woulda thunk. *toddles off still slightly dazed with a smirking, impish grin*

Re: New Territory

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:30 pm
by SunBlind
OOC| Hope you don't mind my poking in, know, I can see Shiro like this, I'm not entirely surprised ^_^

Re: New Territory

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 6:06 pm
by Songhue
OOC| 'Course I don't mind! Shiro didn't surprise me either, to be honest. He just wants to be loved an' wanted, doesn't matter by who, as long as they were strong enough to take initiative. :)

Re: New Territory

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:43 am
by Songhue
The honeymoon was officially over, but it didn't feel like it.

Flint and Shiro were back in the vale for a hidden farewell before the pink-winged stallion headed out to explore on his own for a while. Feeling mildly possessive, Flint had accompanied him this far into their old birthlands before admitting the time had come to part ways.

You're being slightly ridiculous, my love.

Nah, I'm being clingy. You're the first creature I've honestly been fond of since rebonding.

I know, and I know that's why you decided to take a chance on me. You must have been starved for real affection.

Shiro moved closer to snuggle under Flint's chin, something that was by now as familiar to the both of them as the feel of Autumn breezes. They did not talk, these two, at least not very much. Most of there time together had been spent in companionable silence and cuddling, or else pursuing more intimate matters.

This time, Flint gave his mate a particularly tight squeeze. Shiro couldn't help but smile a little; there was real need in that hug.

Shifting around, he placed his chin on the silver stud's shoulder and tickled his back with his breath. It was guaranteed to get a snort of a laugh and this was no exception.

When Flint jumped back, still chortling, the two touched foreheads; at least as much as they could, with Shiro's horn. Ever the romantic, Shiro had to take a moment to toy with Flint's mane, earning himself another smile.

Here. I have something for you. I was going to wait, but you need it now.

Brushing his nose against Flint's for a moment, he pulled back and concentrated, fetching his gift from a little hiding spot in his homeland. Lifting his head revealed a silver locket in the shape of one of Flint's desert flowers; the sort that appeared on a particular kind of cactus back home. With a bit of a smirk he hung it over one of Flint's neck spikes before touching it with his horn; when it opened it was to let out the sounds of Shiro's home. Trickling water, frogs singing, and the rustle of plants in a breeze toyed with Flint's ears before the trinket closed again, and he found he had to pull the little white stallion back against his chest all over again.

Now you can't miss my attention, Shiro teased, nipping at Flint's shoulder as they broke apart again. And I want you to keep smiling. It's just been far too long since I had a chance to walk about this place as a whole stallion.

And you need to do this on your own.

Touching noses one last time, they took the time to enjoy one more long kiss before Shiro turned away to romance his birthlands.