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Re: Frolicing (Pixie X Path)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:56 am
by Keira
Standing gently so as not to wake Path he slid silently away from her. He figured now would be the perfect time to do the next part of what he was planning. The sun had just come up over the ridge and the sun was warming the land. Standing in the middle of the clearing Pixie focused and started pulling energy from the grass, pulling it down deeper so instead of a wild soft bed it now formed a lush thick carpet.

Refocusing that same energy he sent it up to the tops of the trees, molding the branches and leaves inward to form a loose canopy over top. As he stood back, making sure it was working as planned, he heard her beginning to stir. Smiling he turned to face her, standing in the middle of an arena, the air and grass dappled with sunlight. The perfect dance arena for the perfect mate.

"Good morning love, did you sleep well?" He asked with a smile on his as she opened her eyes.

Re: Frolicing (Pixie X Path)

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:27 pm
by Songhue
She was still dreaming; surely she was. Blinking sleep from her eyes, Path took in the sight before her and for a few moments was at a loss for words.

She'd been ready for him to be gone; she'd expected their date to have ended. Instead here he was, standing in the middle of a glade transformed, asking how she'd slept.

Yet the flowers nodding in the trees were heavy and heady, their scent flavoring each breath; the grass had woven into a soft cushion that was springier than the freshest moss; and the branches had closed together overhead, dappling the light and giving form to the area.

And in the very middle, as if in invitation, he stood.

Oh, my love, she breathed, finding herself snuggling under his chin before she was even aware of moving, Ye doth weave such beauty for the sake of such a plain mare. Yet whilst such endeavors doth bring the light of joy to my heart, swear it doth not tax thy strength, I pray thee. Thy presence and love prove enough for such joys as days might bring; 'tis nary a need for such treasures as this, should ye find thy strength or patience lacking.

Nuzzling his cheek, Path looked up at him with large, limpid eyes; for a moment she was as a young mare again, being swept off her feet by the charming elemental. He was the only one who could effect her this way, the only one who ever had.

Re: Frolicing (Pixie X Path)

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:52 am
by Keira
Leaning down he placed a gentle kiss on her lips "I'll admit im a slight tired from the effort, love, but nothing a rest, some food, and watching you dance in the sunlight couldn't help with." He let a mischievous smile play on his lips and leaned down to nip at the sweet grasses that were growing there.

"Come love, dance for me." he gave her a gentle nudge as he passed by to sit where they had shared their bed last eve, waiting impatiently to watch her move. This stolen day would be filled with many things. The rebuilding and reuniting of trust, fun and play, food and rest, and most importantly... passion. They had so much to catch up on and though she seemed to have forgiven him for his earlier selfishness he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to make it up to her.

Her acceptance of him only reminded him that much more why he had fallen head over heels for his wildly exotic mare. She stirred something deep inside him that as a child and young stallion he had scoffed at with others. Something that he thought was purely for stories and wishful thinking. Yet watching his mate he knew without a doubt those stories couldn't possibly compare to the way he felt about his wonderful Path.

Re: Frolicing (Pixie X Path)

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:32 am
by Songhue
Path blushed, beyond pleased, and scooping up a mouthful of grass herself trotted into the center of their glade. She put a little bit of a saunter in her walk, swinging her hips and allowing her tail to flutter like a ribbon behind her.

Dance for me.

Not from joy, for the sake of movement, to express sorrow; for him. Dance that he might watch and enjoy, that she may be appreciated as she was, appreciated for being his.

It was a strange and wonderful sensation, to be desired; adoration was one thing they shared in plenty, but desirability? She'd not considered it before. Others had, but not her.

It influenced her dance.

She bowed, shuffling her legs sideways with her head low, only to have the motion change with a fluid ease into a pivot, her head down for balance as she spun around on only two legs. Shifting her weight, the motion seamless, she brought her balance to the back two legs and poured herself upright, standing tall for a single breath, then two, before gliding down and sideways, bringing her full weight to bear on a single foreleg this time.

Landing again, her movements sped up, crouching low as all four hooves touched the grass and sweeping herself sideways until she was pivoting around that same foreleg, her tail sweeping out to tickle him. Springing upwards, she kept her hoof solidly on the ground and shot her back legs into the air again, having built enough momentum to force herself entirely in the air to flip and land on her left hind leg. Even the landing appeared seamless, the moment her hoof touched grass again fading into another pirouetting spin. She brought herself lower and lower, drawing her back leg upwards as her front legs stretched forward for balance, spinning faster and faster as she went lower and lower without touching the ground with more than that single hoof she balanced on.

Her tail had been tucked tight, yet it fluttered out again as she began to draw herself upwards, stretching as high as she could and allowing her back legs to very nearly cross - they seemed to meld into being a single leg as she twirled.

And quite suddenly the twirling was broken as she leaped forward, landing on her front hooves for a moment as her back end kept swinging, bringing her over again. She flipped completely, landing on her front hoof again, and once again pushed into the air, this time flipping just enough to land on her back legs. And the dance began to take on a life of its own.

Twisting, twirling, fluttering, she lost track of the moves; she lost herself in the dance, in the rhythm that ebbed and flowed, reflecting the many facets of what she felt their relationship was. What had begun as a sensuous exploration of dancing for his sake, of being desired, became a display of her joy for such; she was desirability itself, she was their gentle night together and the fire he sparked in her heart, she was love and longing and passion.

Want Need Yes

The words whispered through her head, pounded through her blood. She caught a bare glimpse of him out of the corner of her eye, a momentary vision as she moved, and her blood sang.


Another instance vision, the expression on his face, the depth of his eyes, and her ears seemed to ring with the roaring that came from deep inside, the overwhelming wave of emotions, impression, sensations that built higher, faster, rougher.


Her dance brought her closer, close enough to lick his cheek, to taste his lips, a bare passing brush that left a tingling sensation; one that quickly spread, a warmth which grew to tighten her throat, to weight heavy in her belly, to make her legs burn with the perfect joy of it.


And there was an explosion in her, a snapping sensation where she released, for the one instant, every ounce of her control, every single one of her manners, everything except for riding this wave of emotion she'd built, the wave he'd inspired and begun. Rearing, front legs loosely tucked, she twisted around and for a moment seemed utterly weightless, hanging in the air as her back hooves hovered a good three feet from the ground and her eyes locked with his.

The quiet thud of her hooves hitting grass seemed a thundering finale, at least to her ears, as she finally placed all four hooves solidly once again. After the final, explosive leaping twist, she felt almost drained; and very, very deeply happy.

She had never danced for anyone before.

As she returned to herself, her sides rippling as she gulped in air, her tail swaying gently, her ring glowing bright enough to be the light source of their little glade, she realized that she'd lost herself so thoroughly that the sun had moved. Indeed, she'd lost herself to completely that she'd been unaware of her tail ring putting on a complimentary light show for most of the dance, an impressive, glimmering display lighting up the quiet shadows created by the canopy. Whatever her movements failed to convey, her tail ring had shouted; an array of light and color had burst forth from that little band which should have well been impossible without honest fire.

Yet she didn't know. As she caught her breath, shining nearly as brightly as her ring from her exertion, she only knew two things; that the stallion she loved was looking at her, and that she would gladly dance for him whenever he wanted.

And with that she smiled, an expression of such heart-rending tenderness that it would very nearly bring most to tears.

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Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:41 pm
by Keira
Pixie had carefully stayed motionless while she danced. Not trusting himself to not lose control and "attempt" to join in the dance with her or better yet, just take her again, right there. Watching her move while he stayed completely still had been one of the most exhilarating, erotic moments of his life. To watch her move and know that she was his mate. The only one who would know just how those moves felt made him feel primal.

He knew he needed to move slowly to maintain focus and control as she had so swiftly and painfully excited him when he was sure, after the previous night, he would be fine for some time. Not even remotely. He was starting to understand that with his mate around there would simply never be 'enough'. Not enough time, not enough passion, not enough kisses, not enough talks, and quite simple not enough of her to ever completely sate his desire.

He was realizing that he could and would gladly take his whole life time exploring her and with her.

"That was simply amazing love" his voice coming out husky and soft. "I look forward to seeing this again in the future." Knowing he probably didn't make a whole lot of sense he just couldn't bring himself to care. He stood up very slowly and focused on pulling some of the branches back down so their clearing had some more light to it.

And for the life of him he didn't dare say or move any more, lest he show her right there and then exactly what she did to him.

OOC: hmmm wasn't expecting to be that detailed but he was "feeling" rather loudly.

Re: Frolicing (Pixie X Path)

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:51 pm
by Songhue
She grinned, a slight blush of appreciation rising to touch her cheeks; yet she was far from meek. Lifting her head, twitching the tip of her tail, she gave a teasing tilt to the corners of her mouth as she said Ye shall see something else in naught but a blink.

With that and a deep-throated giggle she launched herself at him, prancing in a quick circle that kept her tight enough to nearly brush against him with her every breath. Let us dance a new dance, she whispered in his ear, and flicked the silk-soft strands of her tail over his nose as she leaped back across their clearing and into the trees.

She was practically a filly again for all that she was enticing him to play, to chase and catch her- a dance of leaping over fallen trees and twisting around the brush, every part of their bodies straining as she tried to keep just far enough ahead of him with her long gold tail beckoning him ever onward with the sky blue tip.

And when he caught her; oh, hours would pass before logic could hope to intrude upon them once again.