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Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 8:06 am
by Rainer
Bella hesitated and chewed on her bottom lip anxiously, more questions popping up after the slightly vague answer. She finally decided obeying her curfew was more important and bounced toward her grandparents, snuggling against the front of their knees like a cat marking them as hers, and then launched after her parents.

Spin tilted his head, watching the mare from the corner of his eye. After a moment he reached for her, snuffling briefly in her mane.

"You know I'm not letting you go anywhere ever again, right? I made the mistake of not fighting for my family once." He paused, huffing up his chest as he sucked up his pride, "I'll die before it happens again."

ooc| Sorry for the short post ^^; Trying to get back into the swing of things. Relationship failure has given me slightly more time to play with.

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:44 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Sad reason, that, but at least we're all here for ya. :heart: And no worries, I'm pretty sure I'm not at my peak either - two jobs, a divorce and various drama has been kicking my butt hard.

BIC| Promise? Frolic asked, only half teasing as she nudged his shoulder and snuggled close. She stood there for a moment, watching her family, and felt words swell out of her. I didn't know who I was, beyond the family. Beyond my love for you. I'm still not certain; I just know it's such a large part of me that I don't ever want to have to lose it again.

A pause, and then she let out some of her secret hurt. No one was there for me, Spin. I wanted to run out and find all of you, to make sure everyone was well, but no one was there. And then I broke... And nobody took me home to fix me. How is this love, no matter how I depend on it?

A small sigh carried a final whisper, one last admission; I'm so confused.

She still needed to heal, but at the least she could now speak of such things to her beloved. She hoped he'd support her; she wanted to support him, if he let her. Perhaps by beginning the discussions she could get him to open up in return.

So much had changed, for all of them.

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:21 am
by Rainer
ooc| I'm so sorry to hear, can't even imagine how stressful that must be :( *hugs*

ic| Spin stared intently at the expanse of land before him, tasting his words carefully before finally opening his mouth. Any wrong move at this point, he felt, could make or break it.

"We weren't much of a family, my love. For a long time." He tilted his head to make eye contact, seriousness and worry etched into his handsome face, "Maybe it was best you didn't find us..."

"When you and Stice vanished, Saphire looked for you. I thought you were both dead, that I'd never see my feisty little fox or my only son ever again..." A small smile flickered across his lips, "You raised your daughter well, my love, you should be proud. She's almost as stubborn and fiery as you were, she wouldn't give up until she knew you were both well, even if we weren't well enough to be there for you... And I see that everyday in Bella." Another long pause, contemplating hard, "We're all tied together, Frolic. No matter what happens in our lives, no matter how many times we're separated. We'll always find our way back to each other, I believe that is what love is."

"I'll always be waiting for my love to come back to me," Followed by a butterfly of a kiss, lightly brushing his lips against her cheek.

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 6:17 pm
by Songhue
That was all she'd needed; all that time, never knowing it, this moment with these words were all she'd been missing. The last knot of tension evaporated in her chest and for the first time in what felt like forever she felt her mind clear as the fog of confused pain dissipated.

We'll always find each other, she repeated, leaning into him and watching the shadows lengthen, and always be connected. No matter what changes find us, that will remain true.

A small, worrisome voice in the back of her mind added I hope, though she easily quelled it this time. It'd proved true so far, hadn't it? It'd taken a while and everyone had needed to heal, but he was right. They really were connected, each picking up habits from others. Just as he claimed to see her in their family, so she could see him. Flashy, bold, fiercely outgoing - oh yes, she could see her show-pony stallion in the unapologetic movements, the proud lift of their heads.

She was sure now; no matter how distant the memories of being abandoned, she was home now. Only now, with her family here, with her love rekindled.

No matter what else happened she would always find her way home again.