Crystal Caves Lonely Hearts

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Willows surround a shaded vale, sheltering all within.
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Re: Crystal Caves Lonely Hearts

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The yellow stallion lowered his head and gazed into the young mares dazzling orbs. With a tender smile, he wiped away the stray tear with the tip of his nose and settled closer to her, resting his head beside hers. He took a moment before answering, not for lack of words, but to organize his thoughts and steady his quickly beating heart.

With one ear directed towards tribe he listened to her steady breathing, the other listened to the increasingly more violent storm outside. It would not be long now before the cave entrance filled up and they would be trapped. He wasn't worried though, he was with Tribe. At the moment, that's all he needed.

Nuzzling her tenderly, he said, "Thank you. Thank you for being honest with me."

He wasn't alone in his thoughts and feelings. How silly of him to think so. There were others, like him, lost and alone in a world that seemed black and dark. Everyone followed their own paths, some by traveling, others by wallowing.

"My dear Tribe," he continued as he watched the glow of the cave illuminate her body with the corner of his eye. "You are like the northern sky on the blackest of winter nights. When despair and loneliness grips the hearts of all, your radiance because a beacon of hope."

With a chuckle, he continued, "The northern lights do not compare to you."

In a more serious tone, he edged just a little bit closer and whispered, "You wont be alone anymore. I'll always be here for you."

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Re: Crystal Caves Lonely Hearts

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Part of her - some small, tiny part in the corner of her mind - admitted that she'd fixated on this stallion because he'd been a wanderer, like herself, and therefore unattainable. That if she held out for this stallion that would grant her access to the only Circle where she felt affection for each member she would never have to worry about anyone getting too close. That he would never be there for her to get too close to.

Part of her admitted that she was scared. She didn't want her heart broken.

Most of her tingled at the prospect of never being alone again; of having this bright, kind, laughing stallion along to make her journeys all the more enjoyable. To be there on his adventures, always backing him up.

Oh, but she was still quite terrified. Honesty had come naturally, but for her so did deflection. How many times had she said "Oh, I'm fine, I was just thinking of..." only to recount some traveling tale or another? How many times had she relied on her infectious nature to turn others towards a more comfortable way of thinking?

Yet she found she didn't want to let him down. For whatever reasons, she had declared her heart to his stallion long ago; and it was her nature to help where she could. It wasn't like her to leave anyone to their suffering and, if she was to be blunt, he'd also been honest. He'd felt lost, as if he were searching for something without knowing what. He'd taken comfort in her sharing; she couldn't let her spinning head take that from him. He compared her to northern lights, called her radiant; and she wanted to be so, for him.

Nobody had ever needed that much from her before. It was exhilarating, even as it left her feeling unsteady. She'd searched this whole time for someone to trust without even knowing it. The moment she realizes, the moment she confesses to such a truth she finds someone claiming they're worthy of that very honor; that she'd never again be alone.

Now that she had found him, what was she to do?

Be radiant, of course.

And honest. In this cave, with this dream made flesh, with the storm raging and screaming death, she wasn't traveling. She wasn't wandering. She was, for perhaps the first time, forced to be still. She was left to consider herself, left with no deflections of exploring, and left with the only hope that had ever seemed real.

She didn't realize that as she gazed up at him, as all these things passed through her mind while he spoke, that she had limpid doe eyes revealing nearly every thought - especially how she'd hoped for him, the bright wandering stallion that knew and belonged with the ones that'd become as close as she'd allowed anyone to be. She didn't realize that she'd scooted closer, pressing the full of her side against his; that it revealed how very small she was against him, how thin and leggy she was to have partaken in such dangerous adventures as she'd challenged herself with whenever her heart began to grow heavy. She didn't realize that the bangles and trinkets she'd affected glinted in the light of the stones, highlighting the understated jewelry and making her mane and tail shimmer; making her that much more feminine.

She did see the expression on his face. She did see the way he listened, the way his breath shifted with his heart rate. And she did see that he thought her just as bright, just as strong, just as brilliant as she saw him; that he used her name. That he knew her, remembered her. And, in his declaration, claimed her in his own subtle way.

Then I'll light the way, she said, her voice gentled with care, If I'm ta be lonely no more, I'll be yer lights in the sky as ya search. Might be that you just need a purpose; somethin ta stand for. It's easy ta wander, Crest, easy not ta be still. It's harder when yer made to stop an' take a stand for somethin. I've a bondmate who discovered that; he ran from life laughin, 'til he found a reason to stand strong. I've not seen a more dependable fellow since. He still laughs; he's just stopped runnin an' turned reliable for his mate.

She shrugged slightly, absently leaning over to rest her head against his neck; if nothing else he'd promised to be a companion. It gave her a certain level of absent comfort, one she'd not known before. None had ever made her promises before, none save her bonded - and up to this point, it had only been her bonded that had seen to the heart of her. Only been her bonded to sit up with her at night, if she had trouble resting; if her mind wandered without her.

'Course I might be daft, at that. Supposin ya find yer seekin somethin else, well, I'd look a right fool wouldn't I, makin such predictions. Time an' tide will tell, I reckon.

She lifted her head here, gazing back up at him, studying his honey-brown orbs as she said And don' you go sellin yerself short, either, sugar. Yer as warm as the sun itself an' don' it go travelin through the skies laughin on a summer's day? Ain't hardly any critters what don' welcome a visit from the sun; so you just keep wanderin an' spreadin the light o yer smile. We'll see what finds ya on the way.

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