A new light shining forth

For Serian couples and more intimate RPing.
Willows surround a shaded vale, sheltering all within.
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A new light shining forth

Post by Keira »

As Pixie left the clearing for the first time in 3 days, with his beloved mate by his side he felt better than he had in years. He felt like he was quite literally beaming. Glowing from the inside out. As he walked he was acutely aware of every muscle in his body and the way Path gently rubbed against him as she moved next to him.

"How are you feeling my love?" He wondered if she was as sore and happy as he was. He wasn't sure how but he was sure of one thing, he was going to spend all the time he could with her. Whether it was spending the time in her realm or her in his or wandering the fields together, he was going to make sure they were together for it.

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Re: A new light shining forth

Post by Songhue »

She'd heard once, although she couldn't say where, that when it was all said and done all that was left was one's Mate and Circle. It'd been a long time since a proper Circle-meet; perhaps far too long, yet she knew that should Crest ever find a mare of his own there would indeed be such a meet. And yet her Mate was here, his every breath kissing her hide with his skin, the only one left to her. Her son grown and off wandering, no longer needing her to shadow him; her Circlemates scattered and wondering, even if the bonds of love still flowed strong between them all; her Bondmates sharing fondness and yet not directly active in her life. All that was left to her was him; her beloved Pixie.

He was beaming, a sight that filled her heart with the sun itself. Her every inch seemed to tingle with an energy that'd been absent but a short time ago, and quite possibly she was glowing in her own right. Goodness knew that her tail ring was flashing as bright as a fallen star in her joy; how such a thing didn't irritate him or his eyes was remarkable. Not everyone was so tolerant of such vibrancy.

Mmm, alive, she answered, her deep voice resembling a purr of pleasure. Also curious, she confessed, tilting her head slightly to glance at him, Whilst thou doth make me shine with the joy of a dozen suns within my heart, it must be asked if there dwells within thy own breast the awareness of being beholden to one much plainer than thyself.

Her tail snaked out and fluttered silk-soft threads of hair across his legs, a gentle teasing touch as she made an attempt to begin a serious conversation. Essentially, she saw him as outclassing her - his talents were remarkable, his magic strong, his physique impressive. She was a lean dancer with a tail ring that flashed randomly. She knew she had a treasure in him; she also knew that there were others who were far more impressive than she could hope to claim.

When first we met, she continued, smiling at him in fond memory, it was an impressive stallion with a powerful aura that came upon a shy dancer. No mere maiden am I now, beloved, and yet still ye prove so very precious to me. Though ne'er hath thy shared thy own heartsong, nor I my own on that day which changed my life and brought light to mine heart as the sun upon dawn. It doth occur that while we have our love, we know not what we are to one another beyond that affection, she reflected.

She wanted to know him. To know him as deeply as she could, to know how he saw her, what his many loves were, his perspective about life and tragedy and joy, and what that moment had been like through his eyes. The moment he had fallen in love; the moment he had felt it grow into this which was more than love, something with roots that reached deeper than the mightiest of oaks.

She worshipped him, in her own way - and somehow she would make sure he knew that as well, even as she explored the depths of his soul.

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