Persona Characteristics

For non-Serian roleplaying (Persona RP and Fanfiction)
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Persona Characteristics

Post by Foxxfyre »

Here is where you can post all the stats you want about your non-Serian RP persona. I would like it if you stuck to the one character that you use as your Serian's Bonded, but if you have another character you want to use here (perhaps the mate of your main persona) that's also active with your Serians, that's also allowed.

No stories, just stats and things that people who are RPing with you would need to know.

You don't have to post here if you would like for your character to remain more mysterious. This is just a helpful thing ;)
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Character- Storm

Post by StormSilverWolf »

General warning... Some people play other people, I play myself or aspects of myself. As some who've known me a while will attest there's A Lot of 'Mes' running around out there. But rest assured, they are All me. So if you're not already terrified (boy, what's the matter with you?!) read on to learn about the bit of me that's roaming around here. *evil grinz*
Nicks: "Lady" Storm, Wolfy, KJ, Sissy (family nick only), Kallaise
Age: She's outlived a world that is known of... So Ancient

Physical Descrip: 5'4, middle aged looking woman with a curvy figure leaning towards a tad chunky. Long wavy to curly red-black-brown hair with silver streaks. Nearly Almond shaped silver to hazel-blue eyes usually behind half moon spectacles she needs for detailed work and reading. Fair to pinkish pale complexion with small 'crow's feet at the corners on her eyes from living in snowy areas or being on water and a couple smallish dimples in the cheeks that seldom show. She tends to have either a motherly appearance or a grumpy one depending.
Normally elven with a wolfish hint, where in her wolf form she has several Elven qualities... "Neither Fish Nor Fowl." as the saying goes.

As a wolf, she's a big rather shaggy looking gal with silver and grey peppering her fur and bright luminessent blue silver eyes that never seem completely wolf.

Attire: Normally dressed in deep dark blue loose fitting clothing. When formal, it's a long ankle length gown. When adventuring, a loose fitting tonic over baggy pants. Never without her battered old dagger, three beaten up old belt pouchs and the family of Soul Gems linked in a silver collar around her neck.

Mentality/Personality: Tends to be gruff and grumpy but maternal or sisterly. Accepting in a lot of areas but outright cruelty or injustice. Bullies have a tendency to make her 'wolf' and bite them as do hoaxers and hucksters. She seems perfectly easy going but she's very stubborn when she's made a decision. She won't fight about something that needs changing, she will simply change it. She seldom tells others what she's doing or bothers to discuss something with other people unless she's uncertain of the options or facts.
When in the wrong, she's good about apollogizing and making amends.
She can often seem very innocent and naive. But just because she doesn't know what the "young'uns are doing for fun these days" doesn't mean she's stupid and treating her as though she's a few sandwiches short of a picnic tend to make her dislike the person doing it. She won't Disprove your thoughts about her but she's not going to put herself out to let you use her skills or get any closer to her either. She figures if you're dumb enough not to pay attention then she's not going to bother explaining it to you.

Other Junk: She's been a Jill-of-All-Trades but is best at being an Alchemist. She's able to do light healing and shifting between her elven form and her wolf form. Her shifting is treated like that of a Were rather than a shapeshifter. Meaning she can't shift things that aren't naturally part of her. Like say, her clothes. She needs to actually concentrate and Conjure her clothing and items on her when she changes from wolf to hume. otherwise she'd scare the chipmonks! ^_6;
She's basically the head of her family. She's a poor fighter unless forced, because she's more of the Shaman and Teacher of her clan than the physical protector.

Now a little aside about the Soul Gems. They're nearly black centered gems with the magical property of carrying pieces of specific clan member's spirits/souls in them. In this way no one in the Storm Warrior clan can ever truly die. Each gem is bound to each clan member before birth and would be worn By that person. Think of the SGs as being a metaphysical 'dog tag'... It not only identifies the person but is Part of them and needed to resurrect them. Not really a bad idea but it has a few.... Flaws.
One of the flaws being that should a clan member die with out a priest/priestess there to take the SG, it just sits there... Like a genie in a bottle. I don't think I need to explain that part but I'll just add here that the Genie in this case, Is the person who died and they have No control over what they do with their power if somebody uses the SG for a weapon. So uh yeah, the Storm Warrior clan is Very touchy about where their soul gems are and who might be able to use them. >>;
Mortal Enemy- The Betrayers. Long old story, the gist is simple. Early in her clan's history some pretty awful people didn't like them and started their own little hate club to hunt down and destroy the SW clan and anybody like them. Basically the KKK & monster hunters crossed with a dash of Nazi thrown in just for the heck of it.
Sisters: Castle (Cas), Shelline (Shell), Mathilda (Matty), Tam, StormSidhe (SS) and Tandy (Eep!ster, Betrayer Wanna-be)
Brothers: DarkKnight Storm (DkS or Desy), Tollen (Told'em), PenRose (Penny or PR)
Kids: Kallaise (Kally) and David
Elders: DarkStorm (aunt), Lena Orcslayer (cousin), Japetemers..... Eer Japes. (father)
Pack/Clan mates: *aren't my characters but those of good friends of mine... May be mentioned during trips down memory lane from old rp'ing days we shared* *Lessa Lynn (Lessa or LL), *Jessalyn (Jl), *Krissim, *SophiFuzzi, *Gryphon
Too numerous to count.

Will add to this if asked to or remember something else that needs tweaking. :out:
~IMVU- StormAmberWolf~
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Post by Celeste »

Major revamp. ;D
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Post by Songhue »

Species -- Strangeling

Clan/Family -- Few survivors, fewer left sane, fewer still as fully realized Strangelings.

Mate -- A stranger to these lands, he is a warrior and protector.

Cubs -- Has three daughters, whom she refers to as 'Faelynn,' 'Sethelu,' and 'Sisarra' as well as a youngling son she refers to as 'Rielthon.' The names are their fae/elfen names, just as Songhue is.

Name -- Known in these lands as Songhue

Soul Name -- This is the name of her very essence, the core being that binds her to others. Only those who are connected to her, such as Serians, know this name - though not the full, proper version, the name Shine is often referred to.

List of forms/Appearance: -- {She has several forms, yet she is limited to these forms and these alone. There is nothing else.}

Fae, Centaur, Dragon, Alicorn, Wyvern, Queen bee ball python, Star wolf, Sylph, Drow, Northern hawk owl, Liger, Western Emerald Hummingbird, Delmarva fox squirrel, Golden eagle, Grizzly bear, Amphiptere, Blue gray tanager, Squirrel monkey, Kitsune, Doe, Turkish angora, Spitting spider, Mermaid

Bondeds: -- Bonded to 22 Serians, eight mares and fourteen stallions, the herd has grown to the point that there is never a quiet moment. (Every bonded is granted a nickname due to Songhue's culture; their true/proper names are rarely spoken)

List (by dominance within the bondherd)

Eternal (The Lady) [Color Code #4000BF]

AuraSidra (The Princess) [Color Code #0000FF]

Caustic (Death) [Color Code #2F2F2F]

Plasma (The Ghost) [Color Code #EFC2C9]

Thorn (The Knight) [Color Code #903434]

OakHeart (Greenhorn) [Color Code #004000]

Nova (Glimmer) [Color Code #FFFF00]

Breeze (Horsefeathers) [Color Code #FFFF80]

Hybrid (The Soldier) [Color Code #408000]

Flint (Sarge) [Color Code #800000]

Scythe (Reaper) [Color Code#F8AD19]

Caelum (StormWalker) [Color Code #A5A5A5]

BlackIce (Grandfather) [Color Code #000080]

Torrent (Water) [Color Code #40BFFF]

Path (SunDancer) [Color Code#FFCE15]

Firefly (Glitter)[Color Code# 4D4DD2-741FA6 {}]

Frolic (TigerLily) [Color Code #008000]

Tribe (The Gypsy) [Color Code #BF80FF]

Thyme (The Dryad) [Color Code #00BFBF]

Bubble (The Walking Reef) [Color Code #9BEEFF]

Sign (The Seer) [Color Code #6699CC]

Shiro Suisei (The Lover) [Color Code #FFBFFF]

Note - she is occasionally seen with a staff that has a unique gem at the top. Also known for being seen with two companions that are also not from this realm, one of which holds two forms. One is named Kri'Kahli, and the other's name is never spoken aloud yet she most frequently reveals herself as a small lightning dragon (her second form is never seen in these lands).

Gifts: -- Elemental ability to work 'cosmic' energies

General: -- The ability to growl or purr depends on the forms, yet her voice and eyes are ever the same. Her voice comes from her soul, not her throat, and so she can speak no matter the form. Her eyes, always, are a blue-gray shade and hold at least some hint of being almond shaped no matter the form. They always hold a soft glow to them, yet can flash brighter than the sun at times. No matter how bright they are there can always be seen a certain darkness churning just beneath. She is extremely old by some standards, but still fairly young for her species. Strangelings do not normally give names, only titles, yet with all her wanderings those she met insisted on giving a name to the face shown to them, thusly every form has a separate name as well as countless tales.
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Re: Persona Characteristics

Post by Silverdust »

I'm posting vague bios for myself mainly, since I found myself blanking on one of the sister's name this morning, eep...

Age - Appears 18
Hair - White
Eyes - Gold

Her bonded are wanderers and loners. In personality, she is distant yet gentle, wise, and calm. Slightly empathic, and a bit of a bleeding heart.

Age - Appears 17/16
Hair - Blood red, black shadows, scarlet highlights
Eyes - Silver-grey

Her bonded are warriors or fighters. She is mercurial, one minute teasing and playful, the next cold and wicked. She acts a bit manic and overzealous, but is also prone to bouts of melancholy. She shows her emotions easily, and is easy to hurt.

Age - Appears 15/16
Hair - Black
Eyes - Black

Her bonds are darker, often those with secrets or shadows. She is unreadable, somewhat cruel, but unsettlingly affectionate towards her bonded. She moves on whim, speaks in riddles, and shifts like the phases of the moon.

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Re: Persona Characteristics

Post by Kyra »

Name: Kyra Hikari Yomae
Nick Names: Ky, Storm, Lady Kyra, Lady Ky and Lady Storm.
Another name only her serians know here by is: Stormgirl or Midnight Lady.
Age: 22
Appearance: Her hair is skymagenta in colour. She has sky blue eyes and has a blue crescent moon birth mark on her forehead. A purple dolphin on her right shoulder. The Dolphin she got after coming of age for a Murakie. (Muraki are humans that have a strong connection to nature. So a Murakie can come of age between 12-18. To come of age, get abilities and to shape shift to what element calls to their soul. For Kyra that is water, how ever she also had the gift of tongue once connected to that animal. Kyra connect with 4 horses so horse, all marine life, serinans and cetquines were languages she could understand. She wears either a black tang-top with a blue and on the bottom of the shirt and same with her medium length skirt and black shorts, or she wears the same outfit but instead sky blue in colour and has a sky magenta crescent moon instead of a blue one. Kyra also wears a blue unicorn necklace.
Her forms: Human or Mermaid . All her forms show her two markings.



Hair beret but sky blue:

She has tiny braids that run from her forhead to the back of her hair, tied together with a blue seashells at the back and the rest floats free. Her tail is mostly skymagenta like her hair but has peacock blue markings on it that mimic an Orca. So where orcas are white she would be blue. Her top is peacock blue.

Gifts: Controlling water elements (water, ice, hail) and understanding the animals she can shape shift into.

Weakness: She will do anything to help her friends and the full moon always causes problems. Also if her necklace is taken off and she gets wet, with in 5 seconds she turns into a mermaid and has to wait to try off before she can change back.
Personality: She is very kind, can be shy. She never turns down someone in need, if she can help it.
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