The Sorrow of MoonFyreLilly

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The Sorrow of MoonFyreLilly

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It had been forever since MoonFyreLilly had seen Krinlith, her Bonded. She knew of his heartache, but she was having trouble reconciling the fact that he didn't come to her, or Typhoon, or anyone. It felt as if he didn't care. Fyre had always thought that after having been abandoned for so long and found a new Bonded, she would be okay and wouldn't have to worry about abandonment again. Was she abandoned truly, or was that just her nerves? She was tough, she was a survivor and a fighter, but darn if it didn't hurt.

MoonFyre knew that he was back. She could feel it. She also could feel Typhoon's temper slowly subsiding now that he was back. Typhoon was steadied by him. Fyre, however, was not so steadied by the thought of his presence. She could feel herself shaking a bit, despite herself. She hadn't been this nervous in a very long time. It wasn't the nervousness of nearby danger;That, she could handle. This was the nervousness of talking to a loved one you were angry with and hurt by. She was also wondering if she might try to hurt him when she saw him. She hoped not, but one never knew.

Suddenly, she felt it. He was drawing closer. Sweet merciful gods, she wasn't ready. Suddenly, she heard wings flapping, and turned around to see a phoenix the color of lava resting on the branch of a tree. She stared speechless for a moment, while his talons slowly smouldered the branch they held so firmly to. "Hello, MoonFyreLilly. I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry I left. I was in an awful place, and shut down. I shut everyone important out, because I didn't know how to react. I hurt you, I hurt Typhoon, and I hurt my family. I'm so deeply sorry." Krinlith said in a solemn tone.

That was it? She had already known all of that. She had already felt all of that. Still, she knew how much pain he was in, and wasn't quite sure how she would react in that same situation. Wasn't this what she wanted? Her Bonded was back, wasn't he? This should be a joyous occasion, but she just felt confused. As she thought all of these things, she realized she still had not said a single word to her Bonded. Fyre shook her head to snap herself out of it.

Then MoonfyreLilly said words that even she wasn't expecting to come out of her mouth. "I just need some time to process this. I still love you, as always, but I need time for myself to get back to a point where I know what to say or do with this." Krinlith paused for a second and replied quietly "Would you like me to leave you alone?" Fyre simply shook her head, and with that, he shifted into a wolf and simply curled up next to her as she lied down and leaned against him.
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