I have an idea...

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Posting Elemental
Posting Elemental

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I have an idea...

It's a sort of massive persona RPG. The theme is that we've all aged to the equivalent of a human being about eighty or ninety and we're back here as a sort of reunion. It should be interesting to see what'll happen to our Sionayra selves in the future, I think. Anyone game?


Songhue clutched her walking stick as she looked out over the beach front view of some small sea. Her body was older, that was true, but her heart felt younger than it had in a long while. Brushing at a stray strand of gray that had escaped her long braid, she hobbled over to a log that had been washed ashore and simply sat, looking over this beloved land that didn't seem to have changed at all in her years absent.
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Re: I have an idea...

When One becomes a veteran of this site, One would love to do this. One hates to see unanswered posts.

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